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Application for the Teens Westward Bound process as follows:

Step 1: All applicants must be recommended by a past participant. After a person is recommended they will receive a letter of invitation to apply, application form, and a detailed brochure describing the program.

Step 2: Prospective participants should complete the TWB application form and return along with letters of recommendation from their peers and adults. Click here to download the application.

Step 3: Prospective participants should make every effort to attend a TWB Presentation along with their parents. At the presentation each applicant will participate in a short video interview. Those unable to attend should mail a picture to the Director, Grant Deaton. During the month of March those that did not complete a video interview will be contacted for an interview via the internet.

Step 4: On April 1st, all applicants will receive in writing the status of their acceptance.

Step 5: On May 1st, all accepted participants will receive a complete comprehensive mailing concerning further preparation of their Teens Westward Bound experience.


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