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First priority for the Bahama-Rama experience is past Teens Westward Bound Westerners that are presently a senior in high school or in college. The Bahama-Rama Experience is designed for those past TWB’ers that just want to lay around for nine days in their bathing suits, make some life long friends, and do some very unique shopping. After you have worked and studied hard for an entire semester you deserve it! The educational part comes as we see different cultures that we are not accustomed to in America. We will be able to see the unique, primitive life on those small islands that the big cruise liners are not able to reach. We will also see the commercialized life on the larger islands. Every effort has been made to work it out so you will not miss many, if any, school days. With most school systems and colleges, 2014 will be a good year for the Bahamas trip because most school calendars are allowing students a longer Christmas break.

What an after-Christmas vacation!

What it’s all about?

Get excited because here are the plans. We will leave Davidson College (same place as our other trip) on December 26th at 9:00 am. We will drive directly to our boat in Bayside Harbor, Miami. We'll then load the boat and prepare our bunks for our journey ahead. On the second day we will go shopping for our gourmet meals and enjoy the Miami bay area. Our captain will be waiting so we can ask questions about bareboat sailing in the beautiful Bahamian waters (we'll be the crew and he will be our guide). After downing a few motion sickness pills, we'll set sail about sunset on the 27th. On the 28th, your eyes will not be playing tricks on you as your first impression of the Bahamian waters will be one that you will never forget. The crystal clear waters, beautiful coral reefs, and uninhabited islands are only a few of the unique sites we will see today. This day will be spent sunbathing and snorkeling among the ship wrecks and sensational reefs. The next day will be different as we tour the small island of Bimni. Bimni is a fairly primitive island, but after our visit you'll understand why Hemmingway thought it was so special.

Early on the morning of the 29th, we'll set sail for NASSAU. If you don't have a good tan by the end of the day, you never will. Tonight, we will anchor in the harbor lights of Nassau for a good nights rest in order to be ready for a busy, busy day tomorrow. Your friends back home won't believe how you ended 2014. While in Nassau, we'll be able to tour the island (so much fun!) and shop at the world famous straw market. Oh yeah, we don't want to forget the casinos on Paradise Island (I'm so excited I can hardly wait!)

You'll probably never have a New Year's Eve like the one we'll experience this year. Tonight, we'll go out for one of those infamous Nassau dinners before dancing the night away at one of Nassau's famous clubs on Paradise Island. WHAT A NIGHT!!!!

I know you probably won't get much sleep on New Year's Eve, but on the 1st, we'll start our sail back to the States. We will stop at Honeymoon Cove for more swimming, snorkeling, and our favorite pastime... sunbathing. Can you imagine having a great tan in January?!!

As we reach the states on the morning of the 2nd, we'll try to get our land legs back as we clear customs and clean up our boat. Then we will sack out through the night for our drive back to Davidson College. We should be arriving at the college around 9:00 A.M. on the 3rd. WHAT A CHRISTMAS VACATION AND REWARDING EXPERIENCE!!!

About our sailboat:


67 x 18 x 4'6''

Launched in 2001 "The Avalon" was designed to take large groups cruising to the Bahamas. Converted by Lost Island Voyages who has been knowledgeable in charter boats for over twenty years.

Powered by a GM 453 Diesel. Affords fast and dependable service.
Refrigeration of 240 cu. ft. by dockside power or by the diesel generator is the finest. It has a four burner bottle gas stove, large galley with pots, pans, water maker, ice maker, etc.

Sails are dacron made in Hong Kong. Spars are aluminum with stainless steel rigging.
--3 anchors - boarding ladder
--VHF Radio - 30 life jackets
--3 fire extinguishers - one 12' dingy
--2 enclosed beads - 400 gallons of water
--600 gallons of diesel fuel - 15 tons of ballast
--12 volt and 110 volt lighting
--Two 8D batteries and 4D battery
--8 staterooms - sleeps 23 people including captain
--2 heads and 2 showers
--Audio and visual entertainment components
For more information on our boat, the Avalon, visit their website at
What to take:
A pre-departure suggestion list will be sent to those that are going. A dufflebag is recommended for easy storage and packing.

Date of the Bahama-Rama Experience:
From Dec. 26, 2014 to Jan. 3, 2015

The Teens Westward Bound Program and staff cannot be held responsible for injuries, death, damages, or delay to persons or property due to any act or omission of the staff. Teens Westward Bound will not accept responsibility of delay which may be caused by theft, sickness, machinery breakdown or any other cause.

For Additional Information:
Click here to email Grant for more information.

Teens Westward Bound
P. O. Box 1236
Mooresville, NC 28115





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