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June 16th, 2007 Experience

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Tuesday July 10th, 2007

 Last thoughts about TWB!

TWB is amazing and awesome and I thank God for giving me the chance to experience it. You could never understand if you dont experience it yourself.
-Kristen Bailey-Jefferson, SC

TWB has changed my life forever! Thank you!
-Ashley Gibbings- Fayetteville, NC

Its a different trip but I had the time of my life.
-Cayli Meizel- Mooresville, NC

Make not just one but as many best friends as you can. I feel like these friends are not just for 23 days but for a lifetime.
-Josh Kramer- Whiteville, NC

TWB is a life changing experience and it has made me think about what I really want to do when I get out of college.
-Shane Harmon- Troutman, NC

TWB was an experience of a lifetime. I wish we could turn the bus around and start all over.
-Crimens Clifford- Sanford, NC

The TWB experience has taught me that it is impossible to be a loner for more than a few days before opening yourself up to total strangers and realizing that even though you come from different places, youre not so different from everyone else.
-Justin Noland- Statesville, NC

The most excellent adventure one could go on. The people open up so much to you and you make friends that will last a lifetime.
-Jonathan Jenkins- Jefferson, SC

It was an awesome experience that I will never forget.
-Courtney Horne- Union, SC

TWB is just amazing. From the places you see and the people you meet words cant explain the best 23 days of your life.
-Caroline Ladd- Mooresville, NC

Being able to experience TWB has opened my eyes to see that each day is a precious present that should be filled with love!
-Shelby Solis- Laurinburg, NC

If you get the opportunity, go on this trip. Its the best thing that will ever happen to you.
-Alan Gandy- Hickory, NC

TWB is an experience that will stay with me forever. It doesnt get any better than traveling out west with 89 amazing people. The friendships Ive made will last a lifetime. I LOVE TWB!
-Mary Houston Matthews- Gastonia, NC

TWB is the greatest thing thats happened to me! It completely changed my life and made me a better person. Its a shame this is a one chance in a lifetime experience. I would want to go again.
-Zeke Staaf- Madison, NC

TWB is WONDERFUL. You travel this great country while making friendships that will last forever. This is a trip of a lifetime.
-Owen Bruner- Laurinburg, NC

Its a very unique experience that is life changing and a great way to meet and get close to great people. Fun times.
-Vince Novosel- Sanford, NC

I am so glad I took the chance I had to come on the trip of my life and meet some amazing people. TWB opened my eyes to a whole other world that without it I probably would have never seen.
-Brandon Bowers- Pomaria, SC

TWB was an amazing adventure that will never be forgotten! I now have a greater appreciation for our wonderful country! Thank you counselors, Jackie, and Dennis for this GREAT experience.
-Anna Clark- Pageland, SC

TWB was an incredible experience. I would love to do it all over again. The friends Ive made will last forever. America is so beautiful.
-Drew Henson- Bennettsville, SC

TWB has changed my life and gave me so many new best friends.
-Sara Williamson- Laurinburg, NC

TWB taught me a lot about others, but even more about myself. It was a great experience and I wish I could go again next year!
-Brittany McMillan- Laurinburg, NC

I loved TWB. The counselors were awesome and I wish I could do it again next year.
-Ryan Guill- Troutman, NC

Ive heard about TWB since I was born because my parents went in 87. Everything I have been told about this experience isnt even close to actually living it. Going on this trip has made me realize who I want to be in life and how to achieve it.
-William Mack- Mooresville, NC
This trip was a life changing experience! I grew so close to 88 people, I love them all! I wish I could go home, see everybody, and then come back with my T-DUB family. I LOVE EVERYBODY HERE!!
-Jacob Belk- Mooresville, NC

TWB gave me almost 90 new best friends! I am very thankful for being able to go on this trip. I couldnt imagine not going! I LOVED it!
-Lauren Robinson- Mooresville, NC

Im not going to lie; I didnt want to go on this trip in February. I wasnt going to know anyone at all. That doesnt matter now because I know and love 88 people. Now I have friends I didnt think I would have.
-Caleb Shelton- Sandy Ridge, NC

TWB is truly the experience of a lifetime. It has taught me to love, respect, and learn about as many people as possible. Ive also learned a lot about myself. From this trip, you will learn to live life to the fullest by taking risks that you may not ordinarily take.
-Alex Byrd- Salisbury, NC

I had heard so many great things about TWB that I thought I knew exactly what to expect, but the stories I heard and the experiences I had on TWB cannot compare. No one can explain this experience to anyone, you have to go for yourself to understand just how SICK NASTY T-Dub is!
-Katie Howard- Cary, NC

TWB has given me a new family to love, and helped me learn not to take simple things in life for granted.
-Mary Grace Fraley- Cherryville, NC

TWB was an incredible experience. TWB is a family, full of friends and wonderful memories.
-Ryan Childress-Sanford, NC

TWB is simply amazing!
-Joseph Knight-Stonesdale, NC

TWB is an amazing experience of discovering yourself and our beautiful country. Words cant describe the awesome memories and friendships we will have for the rest of our lives!
-Meredith Parks, Gastonia, NC

The day before we left my best friend, who had been on the trip before, asked me if I was having second thoughts (or regrets) about the trip. He said everyone he had talked to on his trip had second thoughts before they left. Oddly enough, I didnt. I was excited all the way up until about an hour before we got to Davidson College. Then I started to get nervous. But as soon as I got there, I was fine. The nerves were gone and I was ready to make new friends. TWB has been an incredible experience. Its brought me closer to the people I already knew and introduced me to amazing people I would have never had the chance to meet otherwise. Ive found some of my best friends. I wouldnt trade the TWB experience for anything.
-Katey Bozorth- Madison, NC

The first few days of TWB, I didnt know what to think- I was emotional rollercoaster, but after I started making friends, I loved TWB After seeing the slideshow and hearing about it from the guy that recommended me, I thought I knew what TWB was all about, but Ive learned that you cant even come close to explaining TWB to someone- You cant understand how amazing the TWB experienced it yourself I will go home with a new and greater appreciation of things, and especially of America.
-Katie Addington- Jefferson, SC

I thought 85 new friends was impossible, but it is truly awesome how it works out.
-Kyle Caswell- Whiteville, NC

TWB has taught me to live life to the fullest and take nothing for granted. It was a great way to make 90 new friends.
-Logan Shearer- Sanford, NC

Wow, Teens Westward Bound is amazing. This journey and the people on it with me have taught me how to enjoy every second of life and to never take it for granted.
-Susan Prince- Tabor City, NC

At first I didnt want to go at all. But now looking back at it I wouldnt trade it for nothing. You meet some of the best people in the world. I even meet some of my new best friends. I feel closer to them than my friends at home. I had the time of my life.
-Dustin Wrenn Crawford- Troutman, NC

TWB is the greatest trip on the face of the earth, if you have the opportunity to go and dont you are insane.
-Grant Cooke- Chesterfield, SC

TWB is one of the best things I have ever done in one summer. Its not everyday you meet 90 awesome people who become best friends with. No one can explain how awesome this trip is so everyone needs to go on TWB and experience Denniss dream.
-Brooke Stoner- Sallsbury, NC

TWB really is one of the best experiences I have ever come across. From traveling across America to meeting new best friends, Ive loved every minute of it!
-Haley Conner- Gastonia, NC

TWB has been a great opportunity for me and Ive learned to open up to people more easily and just be myself. I loved getting to know 88 new people and meeting new best friends. Also, Ive learned to live for today. Life is not a dress rehearsal.
-Kelly Tyson- Whiteville, NC

It is an amazing trip and an experience; I probably wont come across again.
-Jordan Williamson- Whiteville, NC

It is a trip of a lifetime.
-Cody Trimnal- Gastonia, NC

Growing experience, great three weeks.
-Cameron Crawford- Cheraw, NC
TWB is one of the best things Ive ever done. Ive enjoyed making new best friends and doing things I never would have done back home.
-Mary Catherine Rankin- Gastonia, NC

TWB gave me the opportunity to see things that I would have never seen otherwise. It made me realize what I am passionate about, what is important to me and it taught me to appreciate what I have at home. TWB took me out of my comfort zone and turned out to be really eye-opening. It is definitely an experience I will never forget.
-Abbey Spoon- Charlotte, NC

TWB has given me the opportunity to meet the kinds of people I have never encountered before. I learned so much about myself through this experience, and I can honestly say that I will never forget it. After 23 days of driving across America, I can say without a doubt that theres really no place like home.
-Jamila Reddy- Charlotte, NC

TWB was the most incredible experience of my life. The support I received on TWB from counselors and other students was amazing.
-Johnny McElhany- Mooresville, NC

TWB is an experience I will always hold close to my heart.
-Lacey Neal- Newberry, SC

TWB is an experience that I will never forget and will remember for a lifetime.
-Bo Miller- New Albany, OH

I appreciate showers much more now and sweet tea.
-Justin Bowling- Sanford, NC

TWB has helped me discover who I am, and how to teach myself responsibility.
-Noah Coleman- Madison, SC

TWB is an experience of a lifetime and I will never forget it!
-Nick Gillespie- Troutman, NC

TWB allowed me to open myself to other people. It taught me to live life to its fullest and take nothing for granted.
-Jordan Shoaf

I never thought I would travel across America, make 88 awesome friends, and the counselors have made it happen and I want to thank them because it has truly changed my life!
-Lindsay Speir- Monroe, NC

I went on a 23 day trip and came home 3 years later. The sites we see will change over the years, but the friends we make will always be the same.
-Lucas Ward- Mooresville, NC

TWB was nothing like I expected and everything like I expected! I never imagined that I could feel this close to 88 people. Its been the experience of a lifetime and never will I forget the joy that is ours today. TWB has my heart!
-Rachel Hughes- Laurinburg, NC

TWB is absolutely beyond words. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, helped me become close with 88 people I probably never would have met otherwise, and gave me the opportunity to see my country. Although it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I really wish I could do it all again.
-Courtney Huggins- Gastonia, NC

Teens Westward Bound was an awesome and unforgettable experience. I got to do things I will never get to do again. I have met so many new friends and had so much fun. TWB is amazing.
-Jana Crocker- Union, SC

Ever since I moved to Laurinburg, all I heard about was TWB and know I know why. This experience really is amazing and I will carry the memories and my 88 new friends in my heart for the rest of my life.
-Meg Crumpton- Laurinburg, NC

Unfathomable, and worth every second.
-Jack Collier- Gastonia, NC

You learn to appreciate the things others do for you, time spent with friends and loved ones, and most of all yourself.
-Nathan Hewitt, Statesville, NC

I cant say in words what this trip means to me. I am so happy that I went on this trip. I am a new person because of this trip.
-Lauren Jenkins-Troutman, NC

This trip has made me a lot more responsible. It has also taught me to make the most out of every experience/situation. TWB has been amazing experience.
-Nicki Tscudi- Raleigh, NC

TWB is awesome, and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet 90 new friends and travel our beautiful country.
-Stewart Smith- Gastonia, NC

Its by far the best thing Ive ever done. Something I will never forget or the people on it.
-Taylor Moore- Mooresville, NC

TWB has changed my life forever. Its helped me meet new people and learn who I am.
-Jennifer Crawford- Mooresville, NC

You cant put into words how you feel after the TWB experience, but if you could it would be described as a life altering experience that will forever be one of the best experiences of my teenage years.
-Cati Dial- Laurel Hill, NC

Unless youve been on TWB you cant even understand the friendships and memories made, TWB is the most incredible experience that Ill remember for the rest of my life.
-Sarah Carithers- Gastonia, NC

Never have I had a better experience. Not only did I find out about myself but met people I never thought I would.
-Hannah Winchester- Raleigh, NC

You will NEVER be more tired, you will NEVER be more dirty, but you will NEVER have more fun than the TWB experience! I LOVE TWB. On TWB you meet amazing people and you travel across the most amazing country!
-Hillary Kindschuh- Whiteville, NC

Words cant describe TWB in my mind it is irreplaceable, and the experiences and friendships I made will stay with me forever and ever! I love it all!
-Emma Nelli- Gastonia, NC

On TWB you learn about your country and your responsibilities, but you also learn something you were not expecting. You learn about yourself, thing you probably would never learn otherwise. Knowing about who you are will help you throughout life. Thanks T-Dub!
-Brianna Clifton- Whiteville, Nc

There are no words to describe the TWB experience, so I will make one up right now. The TWB experience is absolutely scrumtrelescent.
-Wesley Stewart- Stanford, NC

TWB is a great way to meet new lifelong friends. The places you see and the friends you make are what make TWB an unforgettable experience.
-Alex Haislip- Sanford, NC

TWB is an unforgettable experience, it really make you love the basic elements of your life, food, privacy, hygiene, and relationships with friends.
-Haley Thomas- Sanford, NC

I can say that I have been across AMERICA. It made me thankful for things I take for granted like showers, warm bed, food and other things.
-Brian Sherrill- Conover, NC

Because of the Teens Westward Bound experience, I feel prepared for whatever lies ahead of me in life. I am more responsible, patient, and outspoken. I have developed a stronger love for my country, myself, and the people who surround me. TWB can only change your life for the better.
-Joseph Silvers-Madison, NC

TWB is an incredible opportunity to see our beautiful country and make lifelong friends. Its something thats hard to put into words. Those who dont experience it for themselves will never fully understand what its like. The memories from this trip will stay with me forever.
-Chelsea Knight-Madison, NC

TWB is an indescribable experience. Its memories will last a lifetime and so will the friends Ive made. T-DUB rocks!
Ethan Hathcox-Statesville, NC

Tuesday July 10th, 2007

 Hanging out with the best two counselors of trip 1, Grant and Kitch! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

We love you, L-Dub!

We miss you, Bob! Want a doughnut?


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