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June 18th, 2012 Experience

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Saturday August 11th, 2012

 Participants Reflections on the TWB Experience

It was by far the most fun Ive ever had in my life.
-Michelle N. (Mooresville, NC)

There is no other experience like the TWB experience.
-Catherine G. (Gastonia, NC)

The TWB experience builds strong bonds, allows you to see Gods beautiful creations, and guides you to be the person you are meant to be.
-Brook S. (Greenville, NC)

This has been such a rewarding experience, and it has taught me a lot about myself.
-Katherine F. (Wake Forest, NC)

The greatest part is the people we met, not the things we saw.
-Greta P. (Thomasville, NC)

TWB is the best thing Ive ever done in my life, I would recommend this to anyone and everyone, its a life changing experience.
-Kayleigh-Scarlett H. (Cherryville, NC)

This was definitely the best experience for me because I got to see our amazing country, meet these amazing people, and find myself.
-Taylor P. (Wilmington, NC)

This was the best experience of my life and I dont want it to end.
-Meredith C. (Gastonia, NC)

TWB is the absolute best experience that has ever occurred in my life. It doesnt get any better than thislife changing to say the least.
-Maddie R. (Belmont, NC)

It has been a blessing to see Gods creation in the most exciting and truly amazing way possible.
-Caitlin H. (Indian Trail, NC)

TWB is most definitely a life changing experience, and it is so amazing to see Gods creations!
-Brittany K. (Gastonia, NC)

I loved my TWB experience and I cant think of another way to spend 23 days of my summer.
-Ava G. (Oxford, NC)

This TWB experience has been breathtaking seeing all these places Id never thought Id see, and meeting some amazing people that Ive grown so close to for a lifetime.
-Alyssa L. (Laurinburg, NC)

The best 23 days of my life included no cell phones, hot showers, or beds, and 82 blessings from the big guy upstairs.
-Logan W. (Charlotte, NC)

The TWB experience is 23 days of full of incredible moments that you never want to end. Throughout these days I learned so much about myself and others, it really was life changing.
-Susannah S. (Mayodan, NC)

This trip changed my life in more ways than one, and the relationships built here will last a lifetime!
-Chandler R. (Wilmington, NC)

Truly a once in a lifetime experience.
-Jonathan P. (Mooresville, NC)

The TWB experience taught me to appreciate the people around me and Gods beautiful creation, America.
-Emily B. (Sanford, NC)

It was incredible, I doubt I will have as many special moments with strangers as I did on this trip!
-Grayson D. (Mooresville, NC)

TWB was a truly magical experience with the best places, friends, and time you will ever have; as Denis once said, Life only happens once, this is not a dress rehearsal.
-Faith R. (Wilmington, NC)

An incredible experience creates incredible friendships.
-Jacob S. (Greenwood, SC)

It is a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be described in words.
-Dustin F. (Gastonia, NC)

TWB is a once in a lifetime experience and probably one of the most amazing experiences anyone could imagine with some of the most amazing people ever.
-Kendall D. (Gastonia, NC)

Trip of a lifetime, changed outlooks on life goals.
-Dakota C. (Laurinburg, NC)

My favorite thing Ive ever done. I dont want it to end.
-Jefferson D. (Columbia, SC)

TWB is unforgettable, incomparable, and unimaginable without experiencing it.
-Matthew W. (Indian Trail, NC)

TWB is the most amazing experience ever. You learn so much about yourself, and the bonds you make can never be broken.
-Ashley S. (Seneca, SC)

TWB is an indescribable experience, with friendships that I will forever have and memories I will never forget.
-Molly W. (Cherryville, NC)

An amazing experience not only of America, but also a journey to find oneself.
-Jim D. (Whiteville, NC)

A life changing experience that will stick with you and 82 others forever.
-Garrett B. (Laurinburg, NC)

TWB is one of the most amazing experiences a teenager can participate in. I will be proud to recommend my friends to go and my children later in my life.
-Nevin C. (Yadhinville, NC)

I was kind of iffy about the whole trip from the start, but deciding to go was one of the best decisions ever- once in a lifetime experience.
-Sarah K. (Mooresville, NC)

The friends, family, and experiences I have made will stay with me forever.
-Lucas F. (Indian Trail, NC)

My TWB experience was absolutely amazing. It opened my world up to new people and experiences. Loved every moment.
-Kelly W. (Beaufort, SC)

Teens Westward Bound is by far the trip of a lifetime, but no matter how hard Id try to explain my experience through pictures, journals, and postcards, its impossible because TWB is just that amazing.
-Kelsie C. (Union, SC)

You really have to experience TWB to fully understand it, but I can definitely say that the trip has been the best 23 days of my life.
-Austin B. (Lexington, NC)

Teens Westward Bound is more than the discovery of oneself and the West- it is the exploration of dreams, culture, and how to live life to the fullest.
-Kristin C. (Gastonia, NC)

Teens Westward Bound isnt something you can explain in pictures or journals, its something you have to experience. Its something I will never forget.
-Logan W. (Sanford, NC)

TWB is a life changing event. Pictures cant describe all of the beautiful memories you will intake.
-Meagan R. (Lake Waccamaw, NC)

TWB is well worth it. Its a lifetime experience that youll never forget.
-Morgan R. (Lake Waccamaw, NC)

TWB has truly changed my life. I was blessed to be a part of this experience.
-Sidney W. (Whiteville, NC)

Long and adventurous, but well worth it.
-Regan O. (Mt. Ulla, NC)

TWB honestly has changed my views about everything, and I now know what the word appreciation means.
-Erin S. (Laurinburg, NC)

The best experience in my whole entire life!
-Jake C. (Sanford, NC)

A breath taking experience, full of memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
-Stephanie D. (Sanford, NC)

TWB was an amazing experience and has honestly changed my life.
-Zachary S. (Mooresville, NC)

Do not bring more than 3 shirts; you will end up buying some on the trip.
-Kyle K. (Mooresville, NC)

Going on Teens Westward Bound was an eye opening event and it changed my outlook on life.
-Alexander S. (Mooresville, NC)

Teens Westward Bound showed me what its like to form bonds with 83 incredible people while experiencing this beautiful country and the opportunities it holds.
-Juliet F. (Wilmington, NC)

All of the people I met have taught me something and the TWB team is really good at picking out awesome people (myself included).
-Savannah S. (Mooresville, NC)

It was an awesome experience! I wouldnt take back going on this trip for anything.
-Catherine B. (Gastonia, NC)

No amount of words could explain this trip and how amazing the people are here; you have to experience it first hand.
-Elizabeth C. (Stoneville, NC)

Im so glad I got to enjoy the TWB experience and it was the best time of my life.
-Brent J. (Gastonia, NC)

TWB was an eye opening experience. It made me thankful to live in this beautiful country.
-Hunter H. (Cherryville, NC)

TWB was my favorite trip Ive ever been on and I dont want it to end.
-Kristen B. (Waxhaw, NC)

An amazing journey through America to discover more than just a country.
-Jake R. (Gastonia, NC)

This has truly been the most amazing 23 days of my life. Ill never forget it!
-Abby C. (Statesville, NC)

America is even more beautiful than I imagined: we have all the best scenic elements of other countries assembled into one great nation.
-Jared S. (Greenwood, SC)

My TWB experience was amazing. I loved all the people, and all the places we got to visit were unbelievable.
-Danielle H. (Sarasota, FL)

Best experience of my life.
-Bryce F. (Cherryville, NC)

TWB was truly an eye opener to what our great country has to offer and all the beautiful sights God has made.
-Morgan L. (Indian Trail, NC)

If you dont believe in God before this trip then you will after seeing the beauty of this great place that we call AMERICA!
-Zachary B. (Pomaria, SC)

TWB opened the doors of America that most can only dream of opening. I will miss this 23 day opportunity of a lifetime.
-Evan O. (Lake Waccamaw, NC)

I will change my name to go again.
-Ross H. (Gastonia, NC)

TWB is something you should do once in your life because it changes your perspective on life.
-Megan R. (Mooresville, NC)

These past 23 days have been a spectacular fun new experience, truly once in a lifetime I wouldnt have wanted to miss out on.
-Jesy T. (Troutman, NC)

TWB is not just an incredible trip across America but also more importantly an opportunity to meet 80 of the greatest people you will ever know!
-Amy M. (Pennington, NJ)

The connections and bonds that are formed during the TWB experience are things that can never be forgotten or severed they are Forever Bonds.
-Ollie B. (Union, SC)

The TWB experience has taught me how to be a more strong, independent person and how to create unbreakable bonds with amazing people.
-Lunden F. (Gastonia, NC)

TWB has been an amazing experience. Its a life changing adventure, it opens so many doors, makes new friendships, and shows you the country.
-Libby I. (Laurinburg, NC)

TWB was truly a life changing experience. The friends Ive made, and the amazing things I got to see are something Ill never forget.
-Emily E. (Chapin, SC)

It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life, and it will stay as one of the best experiences throughout my life.
-A.J. C. (Belmont, NC)

TWB was one of the best experiences of my life, and I will never forget it.
-Danielle M. (Mooresville, NC)

TWB is an experience that will stay with me forever.
-Ally C. (Laurinburg, NC)

TWB was the best experience of my life! It has shown me stuff about other states in the USA and about myself. I will carry these memories in my heart forever!
-Sarah C. (Laurinburg, NC)

TWB has allowed me not only to experience the beautiful country that we call home, but also to meet and spend time with a special group of people and learn more about myself.
-Will M. (Sanford, NC)

TWB completely changed the way I view everything in life; Ive learned to appreciate every passing moment and to live for today.
-Emily G. (Chapin, SC)

While the bug bites and desire to get up before the sun rises will linger for a while, one thing will stay forever the complete love and devotion of every single member of my new TWB family. No other experience can compare.
-Kristin K. (Inman, SC)

Words are useless when trying to describe the TWB experience.
-Chris C. (Irmo, SC)

TWB was the best experience ever and there are no words that can explain it.
-Brianna Stanley (Laurinburg, NC)

TWB Itinerary For Today

After the Trip

We had another great year out west. Time to start getting ready for next year...

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