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June 15th, 2013 Experience

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Monday July 8th, 2013

 TWB is an opportunity of a lifetime, I am so thankful to have been able to meet so many amazing people while seeing Gods creations. Julia Andrews, Wilmington NC

I am truly grateful for the amazing opportunity to see our beautiful nation with such a great group of people. Ill always remember my TWB experience! Karli Sue Moore, Union SC

TWB is an amazing opportunity and Im so thankful I got to experience it. Gods creation is truly amazing and I couldnt have shared it with a better group of people, I love my TWB family. Annie Justus, Salisbury NC

TWB is the best thing to ever happen to me. I would do it again if I could. I consider TWB my second family. I would do anything for them. Allie Beam, Cherryville NC

TWB was an experience that I was fortunate to experience with amazing, hilarious new friends with not only our peers but our counselors too. Mackenzie Stoney, Mooresville NC

TWB was an experience of a lifetime I have grown as a person and have learned to be myself Jennifer Beard, Stoneville NC

TWB is completely indescribable and will be in my memory forever, I will have no regrets when we pull back into Davidson. Austin Case, Mayodan NC

TWB is an experience of a lifetime where you get to see the wonderful country God created America, in a whole different perspective. Madison Teeter, Mooresville NC

It was definitely rough but I saw things and made the greatest friends on this trip that I never would have otherwise. I dont regret a thing. Sydney Dimmery, Chapin SC

The best experience of my life so far and I couldnt have asked for any greater people to share Dennis dream with. Willie Traylor, Newberry SC

TWB is an experience thats hard to describe and I wouldnt trade it for anything in the world. Shannon Rawley, Wilmington SC

Most definitely one of the best experiences Ive ever had and unbelievably happy to have been given the chance to do this. Madi Nanney, Mooresville NC

The TWB experience is most definitely a trip that will forever be in my heart. It was the biggest challenge Ive taken and I wouldnt have chosen to do it any other way. Lauren Franklin, Gastonia NC

A breathtaking and unbelievable once in a lifetime chance to be able to discover America and yourself. Dustin Harmon, Troutman NC
My experience on TWB has helped me to appreciate Gods beautiful creation and this life He has given us so much more than I did before. Anna Aldridge, Greenville NC

TWB is truly the trip of a lifetime! I couldnt have asked for a better way to discover Gods beautiful creation! Meagan Sealy, Creedmoor NC

Some people are homesick while the rest of us arent because we have become a family of our own. Daniel Calhoun, Mooresville NC

I can not describe in words how much TWB has changed my life, and how many people have become a part of my life. Laken Riddle, Little Mountain SC

If I had not had the blessing of TWB in my life I would not know my true potential as a friend, shoulder, and leader preventing me from living life to its true potential. Jackson Hartley, Lake Wylie, SC

TWB teaches every participant about the real world, how to work for and with nearly 90 people I am thankful for my opportunity to participate. Kellie Bass, Whiteville NC

TWB has been an amazing experience that I never want to end because of all the beautiful people Ive met and beautiful things Ive seen. McCormick Grubb, Charlotte NC

TWB has taught me a lot about responsibility and how to truly be myself in every aspect of my life. Caroline Waters, Kings Mountain NC

TWB is a fun and challenging experience in meeting new life long friends that helps you learn to be yourself. Dean Gamble, Gastonia NC

TWB is and experience that creates a mold for all future events to come in your life, by drastically your outlook for the better. Kristin Lanier, Laurinburg NC

It was a fun experience part of the time, but Im not cut out for camping 23 days. Jordan Edwards, Whiteville NC

TWB is a life changing experience you really find yourself and can act like the real you. Caroline Moss, Union SC

TWB is the most amazing trip anyone could go on. You become part of a great 83 person family and you learn more about yourself and more about responsibility. Conor Pumphrey, Greenville NC

My TWB experience was definitely a unique and unforgettable adventure and I am going to miss it. All I can think about now is being a counselor in 2018. Johnny McCarthy, Mooresville NC

For 23 days, TWB is not just and experience its a lifestyle. You learn responsibilities for life but gain 83 amazing friends and see Gods beautiful creations. Kenslee Hecht, Laurinburg NC

I am so glad to go on such an unique trip. I wish only that we could have stayed longer in some places, because there is so much to explore. Dae Bigach, York SC

Making new friends, lowering walls and becoming more responsible are just a few of the things I have learned in this unforgettable 23 day experience. Mckenzie Rankin, Gastonia NC

TWB has taught me how to communicate and be responsible for my actions. Kayla Honeycutt, Sanford NC

Im so lucky to have been part of the lucky few who go to explore this awesome country with people who have come to be my best friends. Jacob Stechly, Mooresville NC

TWB has been one of the greatest experiences in my life and I will never forget it. Ryan Caudill, Wilmington NC

TWB made me realize that not only is our country filled with spectacular landmarks but also incredible people eager to create friendships. Jack Harris, Gastonia NC

I have learned to open up to share my issues and struggles with others, and I have been able to further open myself up to God and others. Griffin Evans, Wilmington NC

TWB is truly a blessing and it really has opened my eyes to the beautiful country God has given us. Lauren Abernathy, Mt. Holly NC

TWB has been such an enriching, inspirational trip where I have met some of the most spiritual and fabulous people who I cannot wait to spend the rest of my years keeping in touch with! Gray Heath, Gastonia NC

I have become appreciative of Wal-Marts, a connoisseur of rest stops and a flying J professional, I am proud of my achievements. Mamie Buckles, Gastonia NC

TWB is an experience you cant simply put in words, but you can say its the best 23 days youll ever have, full of friendships , laughter, and adventure. Chase Perren, Raleigh NC
TWB was the best 23 days of my LIFE, I wish my new friends could come home with me! Ian Hensly, Reidsville NC

It really showed me the grandeur of America. Harrison Preddy, Franklintion NC

TWB has opened my eyes showing me that God really blessed us with this beautiful country, and made me realize it is okay to be yourself around complete strangers because they learn to truly love you for who you are. Jared Torgerson, Laurinburg NC

TWB was a life-changing experience that allowed myself, as well as others, to break down the barriers that separate us, and bring us together as a family. Caroline Webb, Raleigh NC

From new friends to great counselors this experience has been amazing. Nicholas Perakis, Rockingham NC

TWB is the most incredible 23 days you could ever spend. Christian Bailey, Gastonia NC

TWB has allowed me to experience multiple once-in a lifetime opportunities with 83 of the best teenagers in the country. Mason McConnell, Vale NC

Who knew I could become best friends with 83 strangers in 23 days! Mary Carson Wells, Gastonia, N.C.

TWB is a once in a lifetime experience where one can have the chance to find oneself and the God that created this beautiful land. Jonathan Bowling, Laurinburg, N.C.

I honestly cant thank you guys enough for providing me and the 82 other teens with seriously the most amazing experience of my life! Edie Lindley, Dallas, N.C.

TWB has opened my eyes to the fact that there is a whole world outside N.C. and I dont have to live in the same place forever. Tessa Clarke, Wilmington, N.C.

Most people think that its impossible to make the best of friends in just 23 days, and theyre right because the people you meet on this trip become much more than friends; theyre family. Karolyne Hill, Mooresville, N.C.

Who knew you could discover America, discover yourself, and become friends with people that youll spend the rest of your life with ,all in 23 days! Blaire Reynolds, Cherryville, N.C.

My TWB experience was absolutely fantastic. Starting off discovering America with complete strangers and before you know it, you have 82 new best friends and the time of your life. Emily Stewart, Stanley, N.C.

Live every moment like its the last, you will only be offered a trip this special once. Cathryn Anderson, Mooresville, N.C.

TWB was an incredible experience and I am beyond blessed to have spent 23 spectacular days with 83 awesome kids! Gracie Groves, Charlotte, N.C.

TWB is absolutely the greatest thing I have ever experienced. Stone Phillips, Laurinburg, N.C.

This once in a lifetime experience is one where you make new friends, strengthen ties with old friends, and discover the beauty of Gods creations. Dalton Hoskins, Gastonia, N.C.

TWB is an awesome experience that changes peoples lives forever. Thomas Bolt, Gastonia, N.C.

TWB is a once in a lifetime experience that I hope my kids and their kids will be able to take part in. Adam Roney, Gastonia, N.C.

TWB is where 83 strangers become best friends as they discover there amazing country. Jonathan McMillan, Dallas, N.C.

TWB is a great way to meet new friends and also travel the country at the same time. Montana York, Denver, N.C.

TWB is a blessing. Ive been blessed with wonderful friendships and the opportunity to see our great country. Erin Fitzpatrick, Chapin, S.C.

TWB is an experience thats very difficult to describe in words: all the friends you make, all the things you learn, and the great love you gain for America and life makes it a fantastic experience! Grace McCartha, Chapin, S.C.

TWB is truly an experience of a lifetime; being able to travel across this great country with 82 new best friends is something I wouldnt trade for anything in the world. Kaitlin Gotschalk, Sanford, N.C.

TWB is a once in a lifetime experience to see the beautiful country our Lord has blessed us with and to make lifetime friends; I wouldnt trade this trip or the great people for anything else. Katie Atkins, Stoneville, N.C.

TWB is a truly life-changing experience; you could go in as a shy and reclusive person and come out as the most exciting and outgoing person in the world. Jay Randolph, Sanford, N.C.

It is an experience of a lifetime, you dont want to miss out on. Cassey Shelby, Whiteville, N.C.

There is truly nothing quite like the experience that TWB offers you. Matthew Agee, Belmont, N.C.

TWB has been an amazing experience for me, I will definitely cherish this trip for the rest of my life. Ashleigh Bailey, Laurinburg, N.C.

TWB showed me how beautiful Gods creation truly is and it also taught me things about myself that I didnt know Lainey Blalock, Marshville, N.C.

In the end its not about the places you go, but the people you go with. Malorie Reuter, Mooresville, N.C.

Live life to the fullest and never say no to anything. Noah Privott, Mooresville, N.C.

My TWB experience has been indescribable. Ive had so much fun and have met so many new people. Brooke Auten, Belmont, N.C.

I never thought I could make 3 new best friends in 23 days, but now its over and I have 83 new best friends that I know will stay in my heart forever. Breezy Howe

TWB will be one of the greatest things you will ever do; just like life it will have its ups and downs but ultimately it will leave you with an appreciation for your country, an idea of who you are, and 83 of the best friends you will ever have. Lynsey Meissner, Waxhaw, N.C.

TWB is where you will meet lifelong friends, learn many things about yourself and life, and learn responsibilities that will forever help you in life. Jennifer Chan, Gastonia, N.C.

It showed me how awesome our country is an that theres more to it than the mountains of North Carolina. Sam Devine, Belmont, N.C.

TWB has shown me how to open up to a complete stranger, and how I am blessed by God to live in such a beautiful country. Nick Price, Whiteville, N.C.

TWB showed me its impossible to go out and find yourself, but instead you must go out and become yourself. Ben Conner, Gastonia, N.C.

TWB was an eye opening experience, and I look forward to sharing stories. With my friends and family. Theyll be so jealous. Emily Bain, Belmont, N.C.


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