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July 19th, 2014 Experience

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Sunday August 10th, 2014

  "My TWB experience is something I will never forget, incredible is an understatement." -Madeline Baker, Fayetteville, NC

"There are truly no words to describe how wonderful my TWB experience has been, it's an experience I'll never forget." -Annalisa Randazzo, Fort Mill, SC

"This trip truly was life changing and I don't think I could've imagined a better experience." -Maddie LaBrec, Charlotte, NC

"I wasn't prepared for TWB to be this great; it truly was the experience of a lifetime." -Kendall Rouse, Gastonia, NC

"TWB has taught me how to work with strangers, grow up a little more, and take more chances in life." -Spencer Podolsk, Raleigh, NC

"TWB is something you can't fully understand until you experience it, but once you have you wouldn't trade it for anything." -Meleah Montgomery, Lincolnton, NC

"It's the most unforgettable experience of a lifetime." -Annsley Harrison, Lincolnton, NC

"It's a trip that's hard to describe to other people." -Jacob Cruz, Cherryville, NC

"TWB has been the most incredible 23 days of my life." -Macy Maddy, Gastonia, NC

"Amazing experience and so glad I got to meet so many awesome people." -Mitchell Bowen, Cherryville, NC

"Greatest 23 days of my life, so blessed to have my new TWB family." -Perry Hicks, Mooresville, NC

"I hope this amazing program will still be around so my kids can experience what I have within these 23 days." -Alex Prachar, Gastonia, NC

"I had many aspirations about the trip before coming, but the actual experience surpassed everything I imagined." -Payton Bonner, Reidsville, NC

" TWB has taught me to lower the wall and lead me to friendships that I know will last a lifetime." -Cassie Hill, Gastonia, NC

"This trip is the detailed crash course of America and the only conclusion is that it's beautiful." -Kent Alford, Newberry, SC

"It's one thing to travel America, but it's something totally different and heartfelt when you travel America with 81 of your new best friends."-Mollie Caldwell, Belmont, NC
"TWB is the trip of a lifetime-it's something you can never forget and always want to relive." -Mary Goughnour, Wilmington, NC

"The friendships and experiences of TWB cannot be described in one sentence."-Emily Dodge, Front Royal, VA

"TWB is a completely life changing experience that I will forever hold dear to my heart."-Britta Bowers, Sanford, NC

"It's just absolutely amazing that you can make 81 new best friends within 23 days all while seeing America at it's finest."-Jozi Patterson, Whiteville, NC

"TWB changed my life for the best. I made friends who are now my family and I would do it over again if I could."-Ashton Leary, New Hartford, NY

"America is beyond beautiful and I never knew I could love so many people this much."-Hannah Skipper, Myrtle Beach, SC

"TWB is where I discovered amazing personalities, not only in other people but also in me."-Haley Arnold, Cherryville, NC

"Best experience of my life, I'm so thrilled I was accepted for this trip."-Parker Greene, Gastonia, NC

"What happens in the van, stays in the van." -Olivia Claffee, Gastonia, NC

"Maybe the most beautiful, breath-taking, and memorable moments in life aren't these precise and extravagant events in which we experience - but perhaps the unforgettable people we experience them with." -Taylor Edgerley, Laurinburg, NC

"Don't be a picky eater." -Will Donnalley, Wilmington, NC

"TWB gave me the opportunity to see our beautiful country and meet many amazing new friends." -Marlee Mercer, Laurinburg, NC

"TWB has shown me the true works of God's beautiful country, and how 80 strangers can learn to love each other and become a big loving family." -Hunter Webb, Laurinburg, NC

"TWB helps you know your inner self, and give you 80 new brothers and sisters in the process." -Austen Russell, Cherryville, NC

"My TWB experience was a way for me to escape the real world and find myself with the help of amazing people and beautiful scenery." -Rachel Allmendinger, Fort Mill, NC

"Truly amazing, it was a highlight of my life and can truly change and help someone." -Ross Walker, Beaufort, SC

"TWB showed me how great God is and what a beautiful country I live in." -Valerie Rierson, Laurinburg, NC

"TWB is truly a life changing experience where anyone can learn to accept their flaws and be themselves, while making friendships that will last a lifetime." -Heather Cheung, Gastonia, NC

"Let go and let God!" -Raegan Lawton, Sandford, NC

"The trip of a lifetime." -Leanna Morris, Duncan, SC

"TWB is a trip of a lifetime, if you open yourself up to the places and the people around you...Hi Mom!" -Allison Kindwall, Beaufort, SC

"I cannot even begin to describe the maturity I have gained on TWB through travelling America with my new family." -Havan Butler, Kings Mountain, NC

"It is amazing how much you can learn more about yourself in 23 days, and this is an experience I will never forget." -Ally Hart, Greenville, NC

"I am so thankful that I got to go on this life changing trip and I am amazed by how well you can get to know 81 people in only 23 days." -Joe Mcconnell, Mooresville, NC

"23 truly incredible days in which I've seen myself grown and mature into a much better person." -Lexie Johnston, Gastonia, NC

"You will meet some of your very best friends on this trip... ever if you think they don't like you at first, Oh and Dennis D you da real MVP!" -Concetta Errichiello, Oak Ridge, NC

"TWB has been the most amazing experience of my life so far, I just wish I could've pooped." -Sarah Oliver, Wilmington, NC

"TWB is an amazing experience where you truly become friends with 81 people." -David Vandenberg, Laurinburg, NC

"TWB has changed my life by making me realize that speed dating is an actual thing and meth labs surround us." -Xavier Hall, Mooresville, NC

"I truly have no regrets about deciding to apply for this trip because it will change you in a million ways!" -Ashley Ivey, Union, SC

"I never felt more like family with a group of strangers. Nothing will ever compare." -Gregory Wilson, Mt. Holly, NC

"TWB is a life changing indescribable experience that will forever live in my heart as the best experience of my life." -Logan Watts, Gastonia, NC

"TWB is a life changing experience of self-discovery and freedom from everyday life. TWB will forever hold a special place in my heart." -Logan Howerton, Reidsville, NC

"TWB is a life changing, self discovery extremely inspiring trip and it's a blessing to have been part of it." -Ellie Hartman, Beaufort, SC

"TWB helps you experience new people, places and environments in a truly incredible, one-of-a-kind way." -Annabelle Holman, Laurinburg, NC

"TWB is so much more than just traveling the country, it's self discovery and enlightenment." -Lindsay Stone, Laurinburg, NC

"TWB is a life changing experience where you will learn what is really important in life; TWB is a blessing to me." -Alexis Jarvis, Bolton, NC

"The most amazing experience of my life." -Alex Taylor, Wilmington, NC

"I have had the time of my life on this trip. I would do it again if given the chance."
-Harrison Mantooth, Gastonia, NC

"TWB us my fantasy. Home is my reality. I miss my family but I'm glad I have a new one." -Brandon Watford, Laurinburg, NC

"TWB is a once in a lifetime chance to see God's handy work, discover yourself, and make friends that will last forever." -Rachel Cook, Newton, NC

"TWB is the most welcoming, accepting, and forgiving environment I have ever been in and it's really let me be myself; I will remember these people, sights, and adventures for the rest of my life." -Becca Mandell, Beaufort, SC

"TWB is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It has reminded me of all of the good the world has to offer with both the people and the land. I am so incredibly blessed and appreciate to have been a part of this unforgettable journey."
-Sarah Hudak, Raleigh, NC

"TWB showed me how beautiful and wonderful life is in our country. I've learned to cherish not only my amazing friendships, but also my family because they weren't able to experience it with me." -Ania Syska, Charlotte, NC

"TWB is a journey that helps you learn how to let things go, live in the moment, and leave the past behind you. It is an experience where you discover the beautiful America, extraordinary people, and who you really are." -Mallory McGee, Union, NC

"I gained so much from my TWB experience that it changed my outlook on America. I'm glad I got to share it with now 90 of my new best friends." -Marisa Mikonis, Summerfield, NC

"TWB is the best thing that has impacted my life." -Isaiah Duff, Gastonia, NC

"TWB is an unexplainable experience that has changed my whole outlook on life and how I want to live it. I am so lucky to have been able to enjoy it with such amazing people." -Claire Tracy, Wilmington, NC

"Teens Westward Bound provided me with a new family I'll always love, a new understanding of Creation's glory, and beautiful memories impossible to forget."
-Abby Medlock, Gastonia, NC

"TWB has not allowed me to make new friendships that will last a lifetime, but also has made me a more sociable, confident individual." -Harrison Reid, Mooresville, NC

"TWB has given me a new love and sense of patriotism for the beautiful country God has blessed us with!" -Emily Link, Indian Trail, NC

"The TWB experience has showed me the person I am and need to be as opposed to the person I usually am." -Ty Peeler, Dallas, NC

"Teens Westward Bound was an experience I will never forget. It is amazing to see the types of great friendships you can make on the trip." -Jameson Baltzegar, Sherrills Ford, NC

"TWB is a trip of a lifetime in which you not only get to travel all across America, but you also get to find yourself of 80 other people." -Alyson Powell, Reidsville, NC

"TWB teaches one how to appreciate the small things and to live in the moment. After TWB, you will have a greater love for God, America, family, and friends." -Abby Tucker, Concord, NC

"TWB showed me how to live in the present, to love everyone and everything around me, and to make the best out of life." -Sarah Johnson, Mooresville, NC

"I am so thankful to have been to experience this amazing trip. I've met so many people and I can't wait to keep in touch with them when I get back home." -Claire Turner, Belmont, NC

"This has been the best trip of my life." -Blaine Willard, Mooresville, NC

"TWB is an experience that I will never be able to put into words; it is by far the most incredible thing I have ever done." -Rachel Turner, Matthews, NC

"Beautiful people. Beautiful people. Beautiful experience." -Ashley Layne, Gastonia, NC

"I came to discover USA and ended up discovering myself." -Lauren DiMuzio, Whiteville, NC

"I changed more in 23 days than I did in 17 years." -Martin Hamlet, Wilmington, NC

"23 days worth of pure self-growth, character building challenges, incredible opportunities to discover yourself to the core, and intense friendship forming, all while exploring this beautiful America." -McKenzie Waldhauser, Wallace, NC

"Some days it was hard and other days it was fun." -Peter McElveen, Mt. Pleasant, SC

TWB Itinerary For Today

After the Trip

We had another great year out west. Time to start getting ready for next year...

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