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June 22th, 2015 Experience

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Thursday July 16th, 2015

  Prepare to cry...if you are reading this, you are home. Post TWB depression is a real phase of the trip. Don't worry, it only lasts the rest of your life. Before the sun goes down tonight, start planning your first reunion, take a nap on a public floor, laugh 17 times, hug somebody in your life, and tell somebody you love them.

Quotes: Trip 2 TWB 2015

"A dream of mine just came true- seeing God's beautiful creations. Only emotions can express the past 23 days." Alyssa Deery, Mooresville, NC

"TWB was a life changing, eye opening experience that brought 82 new family members into my life." Emily Mathew, Mooresville, NC

"TWB allows you to do so much, but it is so much more than sight seeing- it's about the little moments that happen with each person and bring everyone so close in such a short amount of time." Anna McKinney, Weaverville, NC

"TWB is a life changing experience that I would give anything to do again." Natalie Gover, Laurinburg, NC

"TWB is truly the experience of a lifetime. Getting to know myself, America, and 82 of my new best friends was something that will forever have an impact on my lifetime." Laura Saiz, Gastonia, NC

"The experience is a series of memories and feelings that will never leave you, just like how the people you meet will never leave your heart." Carsyn Bernhardt, Mooresville, NC

"The TWB experience is a trip I will never forget; the places and wonderful friends I made will always be in my heart." Ellie Graham Cornette, Wilmington, NC

"I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to 'step away from the real world' and travel with 82 of my best friends across the wild, wild, west." Caroline Philbeck, Stanley, NC

"Cherish every moment of these 23 days because they will fly by and you will never be doing this again." Megan Harris, Gastonia, NC

"TWB is a once in a lifetime opportunity so make the best of it." Olivia Devine, Belmont, NC

"I will never forget about this amazing experience and never forget about the lifelong friends I have made." Lizzie Sweyer, Wilmington, NC

"This trip really broadened my knowledge of not only America but also of friendship and gratefulness in the friends you make." Caroline Pendleton, Lincolnton, NC

"Just go with the flow, reach out to as many people as you can, and take in as much as you can. You will never be in this position again in your life." Riley Core, Mooresville, NC

"TWB is a once in a lifetime experience that I wouldn't trade for anything." Kelsey Carroll, Lake Waccamaw, NC

"TWB has expanded my outlook of my country, friendships, and life, and I am so thankful to have participated in such an incredible experience." Caroline Womack, Lowell, NC

"These 82 people inspired me to become the best 'me' I could be." Leah Barwick, Sumter SC

"You never can 'know your limits' with the amount of friends you gain on this trip." Claire Hammontree, Lake Wylie, SC

"The beauty of TWB is learning how to look deeper behind the superficial appearance of oneself and living in a way that not only allows you to love yourself but to learn to spread God's love to everyone you meet from coast to coast." Sara Vess, Indian Land, SC

"Although there were a few ups and downs, TWB has been the best experience of my life, and I wouldn't change anything about it." Anna Griswold, Laurinburg, NC

"TWB was an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget!" Tanner Bullard, Whiteville, NC

"Everything I do now will be with the pride of red, white, and blue!" Brettany Tomberlin, Monroe, NC

"I wish I could give the gift of this experience to everyone- not only for the beautiful sights, but for the valuable life lessons and memories with people you'll never forget." Catherine Brooks, Greenwood, SC

"Going on TWB was one of the best decisions of my life; I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my summer." Lauren Kawalec, Mooresville, NC

"I've never met a group of people that I would be willing to do anything for. They helped me realize who I really want to be and not the person society has told me to be." JJ Ward, Wilmington, NC

"My life has been forever changed by the 82 people I now see as brothers and sisters, and I will never forget what a privilege it has been to be a part of TWB." Emma Blair, Irmo, SC

"This is the greatest experience of my life, I would not want to spend the summer anywhere or with anyone else." Brooke Davis, Lake Wylie, SC

"Make a name for yourself." Mary "Meatball" Dobbins, Crouse, NC

"TWB showed me the joy in the big, the small, and all of the in-betweens of life and in America." Ansley Abernathy, Cherryville, NC

"I have never felt more comfortable around a group of people than I do with TWB." Aaron Froehlich, Gastonia, NC

"TWB has been the trip of a lifetime; there are no words to describe how amazing the places we visit and people we meet are." Kennedy Downs, Gaffney, SC

"TWB is unexplainable. The sights, food, people, jobs, everything... it's all memories that can never be forgotten and should always be cherished." Jessi Dowless, Monroe, NC

"You think you know who you are before stepping on that bus for the first time, but I promise you will be a new you after stepping off that bus for the last time." Zaina Kuseybi, Summerfield, NC

"This experience is indescribable and something you will remember for the rest of your life whether it's good or bad." Riley Jones, Mooresville, NC

"TWB a.k.a. Teens Weight Watchers Bound." Adrian Holbrook, Mooresville, NC

"This trip was amazing, having a chance like this is such a blessing and it has changed my whole life; I love my TWB family!" Alyssa Poarch, Stanley, NC

"I normally hate being away from people I know and I was very worried about being with 80 something people I'd never met, but for the first time I don't want to go home." Hannah Gellert, Southern Pines, NC

"Going to big destinations is amazing, but it's the little moments you have with friends like building tumbleweed towers or laughing at people who fall out of hammocks that really make TWB the experience of a lifetime." Andrew Merrill, Mooresville, NC

"On TWB you'll find new favorite states and cities, but the people will be your new family and that's irreplaceable." Annalise Chandler, Fort Mill, SC

"Don't worry about anything at home, it will distract you from the experience." John McManis, Greenwood, SC

"Forget about your home life for 23 days and fully participate in this once in a life time experience." Claire Hinds, Wilmington, NC

"I came on TWB expecting to be awed by just the views and places but left being awed by the amazing and inspiring people that I've met." Rachel Gore, Wilmington, NC

"On TWB I came to realize, that even though it may not seem like it at the moment, the little things are what make life, that's why you just have to go with the flow." Sean Allen, Whiteville, NC

"TWB has shown me how to have fun and how much family means to people. TWB has also shown me the beauty of America and how much fun getting lost in San Francisco can be while looking for thrift shops. It also showed me that any bad situation like breaking down in the Nevada desert can be fun by building the great tumbleweed tower. TWB has been the experience of a lifetime." Riley Wilson, Whiteville, NC

"From hiking the Grand Canyon to sleeping under the stars in Yosemite, I've learned so much about American life and myself." Emily Lown, Mooresville, NC

"Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself and TWB has really helped me in this notion." Brianna Plaster, Reidsville, NC

"I've met the most amazing people that will always be the biggest blessing in my life. It's truly been an experience of a lifetime and I will forever cherish each and every moment of this trip." Ally Shew, Monroe, NC

"This trip has helped me figure out who I am and I have made a lot of friends while doing it. It was an awesome experience." Zachary Williams, Laurinburg, NC

"I'm so thankful for this amazing experience, my amazing new friends, and this amazing country." Jessica Schultz, Gastonia, NC

"TWB has given me more than a chance to see my country; It has given me a new family and confidence in myself for the future." Bella Whitehead, Laurinburg, NC

"Overwhelming" Andie Ervay, Dallas, NC

"The trip in one word: Fun" Carlisle Harris, Columbia, SC

"23 days is a short time but the friendship is forever." Wyatt Horton, Troutman, NC

"What you have seen will mark you forever." Brandon Helms, Cherryville, NC

"My experience on TWB is unforgettable, not only by seeing our beautiful country but also by meeting lifelong best friends." Caroline Flemming, Sanford, NC

"Enjoy the places you go with the people you are with for the amount of time that you have." Griffin Harwell, Gastonia, NC

"TWB has been the funniest and most helpful experience in my life." Tom McLelland, Mooresville, NC

"Cherish every moment of TWB, you will never be able to experience this great country like you will with TWB." Wes Stroupe, Dallas, NC

"It's amazing how much you can change when you put down your phone for 23 days." Darbie Atkinson, St. Petersburg, FL

"It will be hard and you will be hungry and tired but this is the best experience of your lifetime." David Gaster, Sanford, NC

"There are no words for how amazing this trip has been and how life changing it truly is." Caleb Martin, Troutman, NC

"This trip has truly been the chance of a lifetime and I would do anything to go back to day 1." Colby Brown, Greensboro, NC

"It was the trip of a lifetime." Dana Dixon, Columbia, SC

"You never truly realize how amazing it is to be an American until you travel with TWB." Ashley Rhom, Kings Mountain, NC

""TWB is an experience you can't get anywhere else, and I'm so blessed to have been able to go on this trip with 82 of my new brothers and sisters." Bayleigh Henley, Cherryville, NC

"TWB was the most eye-opening, beautiful, and best thing I've ever done." David Thompson, Troutman, NC

"Going on TWB was the best decision I've ever made in my life!" Carly Carter, Reidsville, NC

"TWB taught me that it's more about the journey than the destination and all the crazy memories you make." Kelly Anne Faulk, Sanford, NC

"God granted me the courage to change what I can and the wisdom to know I made a difference." Brooks Gaster, Sanford, NC

"Go with the flow while truly living and loving life... and thank you for traveling with TWB." McKenzie Kimrey, Charlotte, NC

"You have no clue what amazing things you are about to see. Appreciate it all and go with the flow." Maggie McFadyen, Fayetteville, NC

"Unforgettable experience, each day is more breathtaking than the next." Luke Floyd, Lumberton, NC

"TWB has taught me to take a step back and realize who I am and what my purpose is in life. I am also glad that I have met people who are like my 2nd family. Thank you God for giving me this opportunity to go on this trip. I am truly blessed." Emily Gamble, Gastonia, NC

"Best trip, people, fun, experience you'll ever have . Truly shows you the true beauty of America and of yourself." Will Lewis, Bessemer City, NC

"This is the most memorable thing I've ever done. The friends I have made are lifelong." Cole Schumann, Wilmington, NC

"Nothing's better than some good ole peanut butter sandwiches and seeing this beautiful country with the most amazing people." Audrey Pratt, Mooresville, NC

"Not only do you get to find 80+ people with best friend qualities, but you get to find your most important best friend, which is yourself." Jonna Weathington, Sanford, NC

"I attended TWB because I was excited to travel across America, but what I never expected was to meet so many people who will laugh and cry with me and understand me. The trip might have only been 3 weeks, but now I have a family for a lifetime." Maddie Healy, Charlotte, NC

"Soak in every single moment because each moment is truly one of a kind and you only have 3 weeks to spend with the most amazing people in the world." Lila Das, Wrightsville Beach, NC

"The experience I had on TWB could never be fully put into words on how great it was." Taylor Barnes, Gastonia, NC

"I left Teens Westward Bound knowing my life was changed forever and being truly happy." Caroline McCrary, Lynchburg, VA

"TWB was an indescribable experience where you met friends that will last a lifetime, and make memories that will live in your heart forever." Joshua Beard, Maiden, NC

"The trip is a breathtaking experience, and words can't describe it, you just have to participate." Mason Kirkpatrick, Monroe, NC

TWB Itinerary For Today

After the Trip

We had another great year out west. Time to start getting ready for next year...

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