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June 22th, 2009 Experience

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Monday July 20th, 2009

 Final Thoughts:

TWB showed me the beauty of my country in a way Ive never seen before and helped me realize the pride I have for it. --Carly McCalla

Not only did I get to see different places in the west of our country, I also got to meet new people that I know will be in my life for awhilemy TWB family. --Annie Suarez

At first I was hesitant but once it all got started and everyone was comfortable it was awesome. --Price Martin

TWB made me appreciate what I have and gave me the chance to see the coolest country ever --Randall Quillian

TWB opened my eyes to American and its beauty, I discovered many things about myself and my country and I made many new life long friends. --Evan Griffiths

TWB is by far the most amazing thing Ive done so far in my life; filling out that application was the best decision Ive ever made. Im so thankful for this opportunity, for the life-long friendships Ive made, and for the beautiful country Ive seen over the past 3 weeks. -- Caroline Boyce

It showed me what this country really has to offer to everyone around the world. It showed me how to be independent and responsible and I recommend it to every high school student. -- Kevin Showalter

TWB was the best experience of my life. It gave me the chance to see most of the country. It helped me realize that traveling was definitely something I want to do in my life. -- Clay Bruner

The best time of my life --Jordan Lyles

The only way to understand this life changing adventure is to be a part of it. -- Ashley Whitley

Teens Westward Bound has definitely changed my life. It made me realize to never take things in life for granted and to see how amazing America is and its beauty. -- Terra Mitchell

TWB was an amazing experience for me. It changed the way I look at life. I loved the experience and would do it all over again if possible. The best part was the new friends I made. -- Kevin Anderson

TWB is a once in a lifetime experience and is something that is indescribable. I had a great time and learned a lot about myself and made great friends. TWB is awesome! -- Adam Laughter

This trip is a life changer, something that will never be forgotten and will define who you are. Lots of friends too! -- Josie Miller

At first I was terrified of these strangers, but I am confident I will leave here with lasting memories of this beautiful country and lifelong friends. -- Megan Gregory

This trip is incredible, you meet all new great people, get to travel the country and get to take home a lifetime of great experiences and friends. -- Lori Curtsinger

I have loved my TWB experience. I have met so many new people and made life-long friends. Traveling America has opened my eyes, making me realize how beautiful our country is. This has been the trip of a lifetime! -- Abigail Buckner

This has been a life changing experience! -- Angelica Cunningham

This trip has been amazing. Traveling the country with 82 new friends is a life changing experience. -- Shannah Pilson

The most awesome fun ever. The best thing in my life -- Brianna Prince

TWB is a breathtaking experience. You may go around the country, but more importantly you meet friends for life and find out who you are. TWB was the best experience ever! -- Daniel Boyd

TWB has helped me make a lot of great new friends and has been the best summer ever! -- John Swartz

This has been the trip of a lifetime and I have been blessed to be a part of it! -- Carly Neisler

TWB is what I chose over going to be a CIT at my camp of 10 years and I dont regret it!! -- Torie Ness

From the first awkward day till the day you go home, TWB is a journey unlike any other! -- Joe Furstenburg

From the first step on to Davidson College to the last step off, TWB is an experience of a lifetime. Stories cannot explain the true beauty of America and how great your new best friends are. -- Kenneth Kang

TWB has changed me for the better. I realize what is truly important in my life, and along with that gained much knowledge and many friendships. -- Carli Fulmer

It was the best experience of my life and if I could do it again, I would do it all the same. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but no words can describe the pictures you will take! -- Jacob Davis

Throughout the whole experience it gives you a chance to discover what God has created and all the chances you receive and also to reach down and find who you really are. -- Bailee Crawford

The TWB experience is like no other. You have the chance to see the countrys extraordinary sights with extraordinary people. -- Kelsey Redfern

One of the best experiences of my life. -- Max McCrary

TWB has made me look at things different and not take things for granted. Not only did I travel the west but I made some friends that will be my friends for life! -- Marta Correll

TWB is simply amazing! It showed me our gorgeous country, all while giving me life long friends and opening my eyes on how to truly live life. -- Elizabeth Koehler

TWB was truly a life changing experience. I would give anything to go back and do it all over! -- Taylor Bisbee

This is the coolest summer Ive ever had and meeting all these people was great. -- Dustin Millwood

TWB was completely indescribable. There arent many times that you can meet such great people, become so close and travel our beautiful country all at the same time. -- Kierstin Chambers

TWB is an experience of a lifetime. Every second is worth any sacrifice. -- Carly Caldwell

Its difficult to find words to describe this experience, but all I know is that its a soul wrenching journey that will be in your heart for the rest of your life. The people youre surrounded by for 23 days will become your best friends for eternity! -- Madison Kelly

When you step onto that bus or van on the first day, you have entered a completely different world apart from reality. In 23 days you will get to know and love everyone and there is really not anyway to put it in words except that I am in love with T-Dub! -- Yvonne Nguyen

A worthwhile, lifetime experience that will forever be cherished. -- Clay Thornburg

TWB is far better than anything I expected. Its so worth it. -- Mitchell Showalter

Teens Westward Bound is unlike anything I ever expected. Not only did I see this beautiful country we live in but I also made 82 great friends and deepened my relationship with Jesus Christ. -- Anna Frierson

TWB is amazing and utterly indescribable. Those 23 days will be the best 23 days of your life. You will feel closer to the people you meet on TWB than people you have known all of your life. -- John Nick Gault

TWB is an experience like no other in my life. Its worth any sacrifices you might have ot make to get on it. -- Artie Lewis

Ill be homesick when I leave TWB. Not of a nice bed or my room, but of the comfort of a sleeping bag on the ground and the feeling of being surrounded by 90 people that are my new family. -- Joe Monroe

TWB was amazing. Way better than anyone can think. -- Chip Dial

TWB is a great experience that everyone should be able to go on. You make new friends, learn new things, and get a chance to find yourself. -- Katherine Britt

The TWB experience cannot be expressed with words. The places you go, the people you meet, and its too amazing to describe. -- Victoria Barker

TWB is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It really has made me a better person. -- Chelsea Watson

TWB is the most remarkable experience I have ever encountered. Its like taking 82 of your best friends across the country. TWB has taught me so much about myself and the world I live in. -- Charles West

TWB is indescribable. The friends and relationships you make are for a lifetime, the places you go and see are breathtaking and the experiences you go through are overall amazing. -- JD Scheper

I had heard TWB was amazing from my friends and past participants, but nothing could have prepared me for such an amazing, life changing experience like this. I wish it would never end. -- Amelia Stockman

TWB is hands down one of the best things in my life, if not the best. In 23 days I have formed the relationships and friendships that have taken me years to form outside of this environment. You see amazing sights, accomplish amazing feats and meet great people. Whats not to like? -- Peter Dyke

TWB is the best thing that I have ever experienced. I wish I could come back every summer! -- Allee Robertson

TWB gave me 82 people who I know I can trust and that have my back. -- Zach Barnes

TWB is nothing I could ever express in words; everyone needs to experience T-dub! -- Bridget Martin

TWB was the most amazing journey of my life, I loved it -- Jordan Middleton

I love TWB and pretty much everything about it! It was better than I ever thought. -- Annie Frederick

TWB is an awesome experience and I still cant believe this is an opportunity for young people likes us. The memories will last a lifetime. -- Andrew Baur

TWB has been a refreshing experience, allowing me to regroup my thoughts after meeting such close friends. --Paige Maxon

TWB has been a life changing experience. I have made friends I will never forget. -- William Davidson

TWB is a place where you can feel more comfortable than you do at home and school and your best friends just a few days earlier were complete strangers. -- Bryan Dugan

T-Dub is the most life-altering experience! -- Daniel Bunting

TWB has taught me to live everyday as if it were my last. I could never believe that I would trust so many people in such little time. -- Kaela Bishop

This trip is the most fun I have ever had. This trip has changed the way I look on life. I wish I could come on the TWB trip every year. -- Titus Hunt

TWB is an amazing experience. If I could do it all over again, I would! The friends and relationships I have made are wonderful and I wouldnt trade it for the world. -- Josie White

TWB is amazing! I could tell stories for days but you will never understand until you travel across the country with 82 new best friends!. -- Meghan Willard

The TWB experience is much more than the words describing each day. The trip is once in a lifetime. The people you meet are more than 1 in a million and the memories you make are unforgettable. -- Holly Vilagos

The TWB experience was definitely a hallmark in my life. All the new places we saw and all the new friends you meet are absolutely amazing. I would do it all over again if I could. -- Chelsea Smith

You will never know how special it is until you experience it yourself. -- Grant Fletcher

TWB reveals a new love for your friends and family, and helps you to learn to appreciate them more than you have. For me, it has helped and taught me to love myself and I was the happiest Ive been in a long time. -- Logan Schumpert

TWB is an experience that cannot be described in words. It truly is the most incredible trip I have ever done. -- Sean Ireland

I love it and I made lots of friendships. There is nothing in this world that could compare. -- Winston McEwen

TWB is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Words cant even begin to explain the experiences Ive had and how I feel about the friends Ive made. -- Alyssa Russo

I would never in a million years or offered billions of dollars trade this experience because these are officially my best friends until death do us part. -Aislinn Mayes

TWB is a once in a lifetime experience that presents you with some of the most spectacular views available. You are guaranteed to make a new family that will be there for you no matter the circumstances. -- Patrick Marcus

Someone once asked me what TWB was. I answered, A trip across America for 23 days. Now, to answer the same question I would reply, TWB is a 23 day adventure portrayed through the blind eyes of intelligence. -- Kevin Norton

TWB, a 23 day trip that creates memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. -- Amanda Spence

TWB is a great experience that everyone will love. The friends you make are friends for a lifetime. I never knew that America was so beautiful. -- Taylor Webb

The greatest trip Ive ever experienced. -- Dan Cooley

It was the experience of a lifetime. -- Robert Mallory

Teens Westward Bound was an experience that I will never forget. Not only has it shown me the beautiful country that I live in but it has also helped me understand the person that I am and the kind of person that I want to become. -- Dana Nobles

The T-dub Experience by Patrick Marcus

I started this trip moving away from home
Didnt know nobody I felt so alone
But I reached for the stars
And revealed my scars
Getting myself free from my own prison bars
Weve told our stories and lowered our walls
Weve walked hand in hand down those empty halls
Were here for each other to answer your calls
And to pick each other up when we take our falls
Cuz when you come on TWB
You dont make friends you make family
People that are there for the rest of your life
To be there for you during your struggle and strife
Seems weve been around the world in a few short days
Time passing so fast in a daily craze
Cuz we never stop movin, we always on the go
Were gonna miss so much on day twenty four
Never forget the moments on this glorious trip
Where weve torn open our hearts and let our tears drop
We look for friends and adventure but we find much more
Throughout these twenty-three days we discover who we are
And by Gods good grace we will never forget
The blessings Hes gave us on our amazing trip
If you ever need me Im at you beck and call
Cause when it comes down to it I love you all
Today is our moment and now is our story
Weve seen Gods grace and our countrys glory
Youre in my heart and in my mind
For the rest of my life and the rest of time
If theres something to learn from my song
Its to never forget and always hang on
To sing out loud and to keep movin on
Keep these people you heart for eternity
And when think family think TWB
I wanna thank yall for listenin to me share
Lease dont forget to remember that we always care
To all of you I would like to say goodnight
And thanks for giving me the best time of my life!

TWB Itinerary For Today

After the Trip

We had another great year out west. Time to start getting ready for next year...

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