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June 19th, 2010 Experience

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Tuesday July 13th, 2010

  Final Thoughts On TWB 2010, Trek 1

"A life changing experience that can't be explained, only experienced" Luke Howe

"It was a great experience. I got to see a lot of stuff and meet great people. It was a lot of fun" Charlie McCarthy
"A life changing experience, that recharges ones self and soul." Johnny Mintz

"TWB was a great experience. I've made friends that I hope I have for the rest of my life. I can't imagine going on TWB without each and everyone of them. This trip has changed my life forever." Jamie Barnes

"I now have new and amazing best friends, and I got to experience amazing places with them." Lauren Bowling

"Tdubbb's an indescribable experience that changes your life. The friends and memories you make are unforgettable." Aspen Warden

"I had the time of my life on this trip and made best friends to share this amazing experience with." Emma Wells
"TWB, the best experience of your life." Aaron Eury

"TWB was the highlight of my summer, and of my life. This is the place I met my best friends." Jenna Cauble

"TWB was a magical trip and it will be an unforgettable memory." Megan Mastro

"This is the most unforgettable experience. I've had the time of my life and made some friendships that will last forever." Logan Garman

"TWB has helped me be able to be myself and not try to fit in." Erick Hooker

"TWB has given me a truly great summer and a totally new understanding of life and our great country." Luke Robbins

"TWB is similar to a dazzling fireworks display because all of our different ingredients combine to sparkle and ignite to have a blast. Also, its not so much about the places you see, but about the people you meet along the way." Evan Hiatt

"TWB was a very enriching experience. It allowed me to make many new friends and explore America in a very unique way. It was well worth it." Allie Minnich

"It really was the trip of a lifetime. I learned about myself and this great country I was blessed to be born in." Lauren Rogers

"Teens Westward Bound allows one's body to travel and one's emotions to mature in an experience defined by positive opportunity and close human bonds" Elise Berrier

"TWB really makes you lower your walls and be yourself. It was the best experience ever." Dallas Godbold

"TWB can't be described in words. It something you have to experience for yourself." Courtney Dellinger

"It is truly hard to describe TWB. It is the most amazing thing you could do in your life, but until you experience it you don't know what you're missing out on. I LOVE TWB!" Ryann Harrelson

"This trip was an amazing experience! I saw so many places, met a lot of great people, and learned an important lesson above living life to the fullest!" Molly Cowen

"TWB is like being in love. Its fun and awesome when your in the relationship but your sad and teary eyed when its over." Ricky Accurso

"Live your life to the fullest and a whole new world will open up to you." Amy Spence

"There is no way I can describe TWB in words; I have had the best time of my life is all I can say." Ty Brown

"TWB will change your aspect on life. You will find out who you are and meet lifelong friends." Stephen Lanuti

"An experience that brings you to bond like no other. It is something I would definitely do again." Zach Anderson

"If you are vacillating on whether to go, don't. It's an experience of a lifetime and make sure your name is on the list." Sam Stout

"The happiest 23 days of my life, and although it will end, the friendships I've made will last a lifetime." Charlotte Moore

"On a scale from 1-10 I give it two thumbs up!" David Freedland

"TWB is an experience that begins with nerves and anxiety, but molds into a time of such friendship and love." Julie Kivett

"TWB is an amazing opportunity and I'm so glad I took advantage of it!" Laura Leigh Beam

"I made lifelong friends, found myself, and had the best experience of my life." Elizabeth Sitton

"TWB has been such an amazing, life-changing experience. The only way to understand it is to live it." Lauren Kelly

"Pictures may be worth 1,000 words, but it can't describe the TWB experience." Amir Feinberg

"TWB opened my eyes to the person I am and showed me the way I want to live my live - to the fullest each day." Rebecca Robertson

"You make friends and memories that will last forever." Payton Blankship

"Get to know everybody as soon as possible. If you don't you will regret it." Jacob Byrd

"TWB is a trip I'll never forget. I made lifelong friends on this trip and saw places I never thought I'd get to see. I wouldn't trade this trip for the world." Meryl Estep

"This most unforgettable trip in anyone's lifetime." Brittany Ledford

"I never expected to come out of this truly amazing experience with as many life long memories and friends as I have." Ida Jane Cole

"TWB cannot be explained in words. If you are able to go and don't, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!" Zach Stone

"I love TWB! You'll see amazing places and meet even better people. I don't want to go home. It is so fun and the best trip ever." Blythe Rhodes

"There are really no words to describe how amazing this trip is... you just have to experience it for yourself. I can say it is a place where walls fall and judging doesn't even appear in anyone's vocabulary." Alexis Wetherill

"It is absolutely a life changing experience - something everyone should go on and few people get the opportunity to!" Johanna Ferebee

"TWB is a truly life-changing experience that challenges you to break down your walls and have fun. I love TWB." Shanna Phillips

"I discovered a totally new side of myself and met a lot of friends I will always keep close." Cydney Arey

"When you're on TWB, something changes in you. This trip has altered my thoughts in who I was and where I was going in my life. Thank God and Dennis for this unforgettable experience." Jacob Davidson

"TWB is the most unforgettable experience of a lifetime. It makes you truly realize who you are." Hailey Morgan
"Do everything to the fullest." Kayla Cody

"Teens Westward Bound is the most exciting and enriching trip you will ever take! It's worth every penny and minute of your time." Madison McCoy

"TWB is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and experience. I learned more about how to get along with others and I was able to experience the wonders of this country - a land that is both yours and mine." Jessica Compton

"TWB was nothing like I expected. It was so amazing! When I was getting ready I thought I had everything but there's so much you cant prepare for, like what to say when you meet 80 new people. That's what made the trip so special, though. Figuring stuff like that our together brings everybody closer. And it makes TWB much better." Miriam Lewis

"If you let down your walls down as soon as you arrive and meet everyone as soon as possible, you will receive friendship and discover your true self in return." Anna Paschall

"Wow... just wow..." Dalton Fox

"TWB is definitely an awesome experience that was made better by the fact of not knowing anyone beforehand." Jesse Richards

"I don't know how Dennis and other staff make 82 strangers love and not kill each other, but whatever they're doing works. TWB is the best thing since ice cream." Addison McDowell

" This was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Seeing the most beautiful places in America and traveling the country with 82 awesome people that I had never met before but got to know really well was really a great experience." Gabby Howard

"I was pretty hesitant about TWB at first because I didn't know anyone and I was the only person form VA. I quickly learned that where I was from didn't matter and that no one is judgmental. TWB was one of the best experiences of my life." Blair Aford

"TWB is the best and by far the most rewarding trip." Michael Hopkins

"TWB may seem bad at first but it's really worth it in the end. I mean you're living with them for 23 days. You kinda have no choice. It's a great experience." Adrian McNeil

"TWB is a 23 day adventure of overcoming some of your personal challenges." Jeremy Urso

"TWB has helped me decide where I want to live later in life." Brad Ewton

"It's unreal. To experience everything, see all these things, make a whole new family in just 23 days, but it happened and I'm in love with TWB and I will carry the memories with me always." Athena Barteldt

"The places we went were awesome, but they don't even compare to the people I met." Sarah Ferraro

"TWB opened my eyes to the beauty of my country. I also have much more pride in being an American. I've seen America like I never have before." Nicole Casadona

"TWB is like Christmas, only better, because God is Santa Clause and his gift to you is America." Emily Blakely

"This experience is amazing. You get to meet friends for life and see many of God's wonderful creations and will treasure them forever!" Hannah Broome

"Easily one of the best decisions I've made in my life. It was worth everything you can do to go." Logan Miller
"TWB is the experience of a life time. I learned to live it up and love life." Brittany Cabe

"It was the trip of a life time." Chris Bottoms

"This trip is truly life changing and has taught me so much about myself as well as how to enjoy the simple things in life instead of relishing on the big things." Holly Kibbee

"TWB is the best thing that has happened to me so far in my life." Morgan Holbrook

"TWB was the most beneficial journey I have ever embarked on. I'll remember these 23 days forever." Abby Scott

"TWB is AMAZING! 23 days across America with 81 new best friends and so many life long memories." Carmen Gibson
"Amazing experience... life changing." Kelsie Ellis

"TWB cannot be adequately described in words. It is an awesome experience, and I'm so glad I was given the opportunity go on TWB!" Shannon Kay

"TWB has been a life changing experience. I not only have a new perspective of America, but also myself." Carrah Smart

"TWB has been an amazing experience. It was definitely life changing. I learned a lot about life in just 23 days. I learned to live it up each day and enjoy life." Thornton Cornette

"This trip was such an amazing experience and I had a really great time." Grant Cook

"Teens Westward Bound was an amazing experience. I challenge anyone who not only wants to make the most amazing friends and see the country, but to also have a genuinely good time to take this trip." Alex Pritchard

"I didn't believe my friends that went last year when they told me this would be amazing. This trip has been the best experience of my life, and I've never been so happy to be wrong." Kelsi Rowland

"As said by Abe Lincoln: 'If you are splitting wood for an hour, spend thirty minutes sharpening your ax.' I always keep this quote in my mind, but I doubt there is an amount of time one can take to prepare for such an amazing trip." Marcus Lohrmann

TWB Itinerary For Today

After the Trip

We had another great year out west. Time to start getting ready for next year...

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