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June 21st, 2010 Experience

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Monday July 12th, 2010

 Quotes from Trek 2

“It doesn’t matter how much you’ve heard about TWB or how many pictures you’ve seen, it’s an experience you don’t understand until you go.” – Hannah Mack, Mooresville, NC

“Don’t be afraid to open up. It will make the experience even more memorable.” – John Duggins, Maiden, NC

“TWB is an experience of a lifetime. You get to se the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see in the USA and at the same time you’ll make friends that will become family. It’s the best trip I have ever been on.” – Allison Rodriguez, Gastonia, NC

“TWB was a blast, and I hope whoever goes on it will have as much fun as I did.” – Blade Compton, Mooresville, NC

“TWB is an experience that I will always cherish. The places you visit will never compare to the incredible people you meet!” – Patrick Greer, Union, SC

“TWB is an experience that will last a lifetime. The friends you make will last forever and know you better than you know yourself.” – Taylor Miller, Irmo, SC

“TWB is an incredible experience. It is EVERYTHING it is said to be and even more. The journey is something you can’t describe in words, but have to experience for yourself.” – Connor Dehaven, Gastonia, NC

“To not be judged but to be accepted without any pretenses makes the TWB experience priceless. That is what the trip is about, to be accepted and make lifelong friends while seeing our beautiful country.” – Gina Martin, Pageland, SC

“TWB cannot be described by brochures, past participants, or the Big D. To understand TWB you have to live it for 23 days ☺” – Taylor Smith, Union, SC

“TWB provides all the participants with a family and a safe place to fall back on. The experience is not only the places but also the people. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, TWB welcomes you with open arms!” – Kramer Strickland, Chadbourn, NC.

“TWB is great for two reasons. One, beautiful sights, and two, great friends.” – Will Jenkins, York, SC

“TWB teaches people who are on the trip to be trustworthy, respectful, humble, and kind. But the two main things TWB teaches is how to make friends by stepping outside of your comfort zone, and how to LOVE each other. Learning those two things are what I think the true experience of TWB is.” – Waylon Cooley, Wagram, NC

“TWB has been the most amazing and life changing experience. I will never forget all the lessons I’ve learned on this trip about the beauty of America and the beauty inside each of us.” – Nicky Relyea, Mooresville, NC

“Can 23 days really be life-changing? On TWB, yes they can! TWB has been, and always will be, the experience of a lifetime for me! Nothing was wasted, and I’ll never forget TWB!” – Blake McKenzie, Mooresville, NC

“TWB was an experience like no other. It was so much fun. I loved it!” – William Wagers, Chapin, SC

“TWB really makes you open your eyes to the beautiful country we are fortunate enough to live in. Making new lifetime best friends is just a huge plus. ☺” – Jade Pfeffer, Mooresville, NC

“An amazing experience too great for words. I truly did discover myself and who I wanted to be, then I vowed to be that person and will never forget TWB.” – Allison Royal, Whiteville, NC

“It doesn’t matter if you start this trip with the mindset that you are only here for the sights. By the 23rd day, you won’t even see what’s outside the window. You’ll see only the smiles of your new family. It’s the most invigorating experience.” – Rebekah Dodds, Spartanburg, SC

”No brochure, past participant, or slide show can describe the memories, friends, and beautiful places you will experience in 23 days!” –Ross Mason, Mooresville, NC

“You hear people talk about how great this trip is, but no words can describe how truly amazing TWB is. You need to experience it for yourself!”- Katie Schmidt, Wilmington, NC

“There is no way to explain TWB to someone. TWB is something you have to experience for yourself. I’m so blessed to be a part of the TWB experience.” – Holland McGraw, Wilmington, NC

“Best experience I have ever had! Greatest decision I have ever made! And most amazing people I have ever met! Loved every single moment of it and would do it again and again and never get tired of it!” –Alexandria Spurrier, Gastonia, NC

“No matter your personal background or past experiences, TWB will provide an opportunity to make 81 new friends. You will not be judged by appearance, but by your heartful actions to others.” – Logan Weagraff, Laurinburg, NC

“TWB can’t be described in a brochure. It is an indescribable, unforgettable experience. Seeing America is awesome but it wouldn’t be the same without all the amazing people you get to see it with.” – Anna Catherine Alexander, Mooresville, NC
“One of the best and most fun things I have ever done. I have made a ton of unforgettable memories” – Thomas Manzo, Southern Pine, NC

“I have met so many people. You will always find out you are connected to someone. Best experience of a lifetime.” – Wade Stafford Dunbar, Laurinburg, NC

“TWB was an unforgettable adventure. You see places some people don’t go to in a lifetime and develop lasting friendships along the way.” – Tiffany Barnes, Ridgeway, SC

“TWB is by far the greatest experience of my life, I have enjoyed every second of it. I loved every place I went to and all the cool souvenirs I got; but most of all, I loved making so many friends that will be in my life for the rest of my life.” – Zack Linden, Gastonia, NC

“Though the first few days were awkward I know I’ve made some life long friends.” Taylor Barr, Spartanburg, SC

“Teens Westward Bound is one of those experiences that remain with a person for their entire life. It isn’t about the places you go, but it is about the people you meet along the journey.” Deep Sangani, Loris, SC

“The TWB experience is not just memorable and exciting, but it changes your life. As friends grow closer, each individual grows as well and that’s the element of the trip that will remain with each person forever.” –Sarah Graves Cary, NC

“No words can be told to explain how much of a great experience this is. It is something you will never regret through your life. You see amazing places and meet amazing people. You will spend the rest of your life with. Do this trip and live it up to the fullest by making the most of it. Best decision of my life.” –Tony Martin, Raleigh NC

“This trip seriously changed my life completely. I have new friends now as far as Florida. If you’re having doubts about the trip, don’t because it will be the best choice you will ever make if you decide to go.” –Tyler Brownlee, Raleigh, NC

“The TWB experience is indescribable as a whole. It changed my life forever. I’ve made new friends (89 to be exact), new fake family, and memories to last a lifetime.” –Katie McRacken, Laurinburg, NC

“It is a life changing experience!” –Colby Blair, Sharon, SC

“Best experience of your life. You have all the cards to always win the game. Meaning you have everything you want to always be happy in the moments with your new family.” -Abbey Relyea, Mooresville, NC

“TWB is by far the best way to see America. But as beautiful as America is, the friends you make along the way truly make it a fantastic experience.” -Megan Dickerman, Mooresville, NC

“To see our great country, is a lifetime dream that most people don’t get to experience. I am truly blessed to be a part of Teens Westward Bound.” -Ben Blackburn, Gastonia, NC

“There is nothing in this world that I could do to give back my appreciation. Thank you for the most life changing, memorable, experience of a lifetime. Teens Westward Bound truly grows on ones self.” –Madison Whitaker, Gastonia, NC

“TWB has helped me to be open towards new people and new experiences. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this amazing program.” Shea Poage, Laurinburg, NC

“I wish the trip was longer with smaller groups but Dennis Deaton is the man for bringing me.” –Bryan Smith, Mooresville, NC

“TWB not only allowed me to escape my home life for awhile but also taught me things about life and people that gave me the courage to go back unafraid. Additionally, I experienced breathtaking sights I was completely unaware existed in our very own country. TWB has taught me about respect, about friendship, and about responsibility. But above all, TWB has taught me about myself.” –Andrea Liberatore, Gastonia, NC

“TWB is AMAZING!” – Grace Modlin, Belmont, NC

“This has been the single greateat trip of my life. Nothing can beat the experience that TWB provides you!” – Ben Carstarphen, Belmont, NC

“TWB helped me discover who I really am, and I got to meet 82 new best friends along the way.” – Maile Siegfried, Gastonia, NC

“TWB is a life changing experience that I will never forget”-Jett Hagy, Rural Retreat, VA

“TWB has changed my life. I’ve loved every second. It’s helped me realize who I am as a person.” – Walt Hughes, Laurinburg, NC

“TWB was a phenomenal experience that allowed me to see our country’s greatest gifts with 81 new best friends.” – Rachel Fort, Gastonia, NC

“TWB is an experience of a lifetime. Who knew you could make 81 new best friends, explore America, and discover yourself in only 23 days.” – Emily Ward, Whiteville, NC

“Never has an experience made me appreciate life more or made me feel such awe at God’s power as TWB has. It’s incredible.” – Elaine Parr, Newberry, SC

“On TWB, you make friendships to last forever. You make memories to last a lifetime. You can be yourself, maybe for the first time in a long time. You are not judged but are welcomed with open arms. You meet new people and you may even get to know yourself.” – Lisa Martin, Pageland SC

“TWB has changed my life forever. I now have friends that I will have forever. This experience is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done, I wouldn’t change it for anything.” – Madison Currigan, Wilminton, NC

“The Teens Westward Bound experience provided me with 81 new best friends, allowed me to explore America, and gave me the ability to discover who I am.” – Logan Wyont, Cherryville, NC

“TWB is indescribable. It is so rewarding traveling America for 23 days and then going home with 21 new best friends! Not everyone gets the opportunity, so if you do take it! It is more than a experience, it is a memory that will last a lifetime!”- Madison Moss, Cherryville, NC

“TWB is an amazing experience and I wish it didn’t have to end so quickly.” – Nathan Harmon, Statesville, NC

“TWB is the experience of a lifetime!! Whoever passes this opportunity is plain out retarded.” – Dianna Bardis, Union, SC

“At first I had doubts about coming, but making the decision to go on TWB was the best choice. You meet the most amazing people and go to awesome places! I now have a whole new outlook on 23 days, it’s not too long to be away, it’s too short!”-Nicole Goldfarb, Wilmington, NC

“The Teens Westward Bound experience is a once in a life time opportunity that has changed my life.” – Jaden Moore, Statesville, NC

“To not be judged but to be accepted for who you are without pretenses is a rarity. This rarity is what makes the TWB trip a priceless experience.”-Gina Martin, Pageland, SC.

“The places, friends, adventures, and memories will never be forgotten, a life changing experience.” – Emma Mowers, Belews Creek, NC

“TWB is the experience of a lifetime that words cannot describe.” – Landyn Dooley, Troutman, NC

“You cannot experience TWB through a blog or a brochure. Just go. You will never regret it, and you will create some of the best memories of your life.”- Gentry Hamrick, Greenwood, SC

“TWB is the trip of a lifetime. I’ve made unforgettable memories, and friends that I’ll hold close to my heart.’’ – Kaitlyn Crawford, Lake Wylie, SC

“TWB is the experience of a lifetime and this experience is meant for you to meet new people, make lifelong friends, and become closer to your Father in Heaven.” – Daniel Hilton, Gastonia, NC

“The Teens Westward Bound experience isn’t just about the things you see, it’s about the fabulous people you meet and the knowledge you gain about yourself.” – Kiersten Houser, Cherryville, NC

“TWB has tripled my ability to be myself, open up to others, and enjoy everyday. TWB has taught me to lower my wall to the right people.” – Nick DeVries, Montgomery, AL

“An experience that I would do anything to be able to turn back time and re-live again.”-Coralie Watts, Gastonia, NC

“TWB is a life altering experience that allows you not only to see our beautiful country but also helps you find out who you really are.” –Brandon Kiser, Gastonia, NC

“TWB has been a life changing experience. The beauties of God’s great creations up close far surpasses what you see in any picture. And these people that you thought were strangers are now your closest family.” –Erin Connolly, Union, SC

“TWB is a life changing experience that gives you moments that last a lifetime and a brand new family.”-Caroline Patsy, Jacksonville, FL

“TWB was a life changing experience. It made me appreciate the country I live in and let me develop strong friendships that will last a lifetime.”-Katie Eisel

“Open up, meet new people, and find yourself.”- Katelyn Hunn, Gastonia, NC

“At first I was reluctant to go on TWB…but I did and now I don’t want to leave all of the people I have met and all the places I have seen.”-Charles Wagers, Chapin, SC

“TWB is a life changing experience for any participant. It has given me confidence for days ahead and new meaning in my life.”-Knox Gibson, Stanley, NC

“TWB was the best trip of my life. The things you see are some of the most beautiful things in the world. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”-Daniel Hayes, Cherryville, NC

“Amazing! Amazing is the only world besides friendship that can describe TWB and the Big ‘D’. The places you go and see are fun, but the people you meet and memories you make will be here for you for a lifetime.”-Tyler Bullard, McColl, SC

“Making the decision to go on TWB has been, and will be, one of the best decisions of my life. I have grown to genuinely love all of the people who have made the treck across America with me.”-Cameron Williams, Dallas, NC

“TWB helped me realize how blessed I am. I am not the same girl I was when I left Davidson College. TWB changed me for the better.” –Elizabeth Baker, Kings Mtn, NC

“TWB is the most indescribable, life changing journey any teen will ever experience. It will inevitably morph you into a more open and ultimately better individual.”-Will Johnson, Wilmington, NC

“As is often said when people come into your life, they change it. On TWB I have had the most amazing experience of my life and everyone I have met has made a huge impact on my life. I know I will keep in contact with them all for we spent the best 23 days of our lives together.”-Mary Soderstrom, Cramerton, NC

“Every moment on TWB was completely indescribable. I now have an irreplaceable love for 81 people and our beautiful country.”-Bailey White, Gastonia, NC

“TWB has been one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding experiences. It’s an amazing way to break out, meet new people, and see our wonderful country.”-Courtney Armstrong, Denver, NC

“I can’t explain how amazing TWB is. This is a trip of a lifetime not just because of all the amazing and breath-taking sites you see and go to but all the other participants that become more than friends or even your best friends, they become your family.” –Kirsten Sanders, Union, SC


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