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June 18th, 2011 Experience

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Monday July 11th, 2011

 Before coming on this trip you donít now what itís like to be close to someone. You donít know what itís like to be yourself. Most of all, you donít know true beauty until you have seen this country. This is a once in a lifetime experience and it will never be forgotten.
-Tori Plyer, Statesville, NC

The TWB experience really is once in a lifetime. I was able to see America and make new friends that I would have never been able to before. Iím so grateful to have had this experience.
-Lacey Stevens, Stoneville, NC

TWB teaches you how to make true friends and learn about this country, but mostly it helps you learn a lot about yourself!
-Haley Collins, Clover, SC

TWB is the best trip that I have ever been on.
-Matthew Bobeng, Waxhaw, NC

You canít even imagine how close you get to others on this trip until you take the experience yourself.
-Carly Shaw, Chadbourn, NC

Describing my experience on TWB doesnít do this trip justice, you just have to live it yourselfÖ itís incredible.
-Haley Schavemaker, Ocoee, FL

No matter how many times I tell all my stories, no matter how many times you look at my pictures, no matter how many adjectives I use to describe this trip, NONE of it will ever be able to explain how much this trip changed my life and how it was the best thing Iíve ever decided to do. You just have to go on it and discover it all for yourselfÖ and then youíll understand Iím right.
-Hannah Tulloch, Madison, NC

Coming on this trip, I did not know anyone and I was scared, but God pulled me through and I made 87 new friends traveling across this amazing God-breathed country with them.
-Kami Edwards, Pauline, SC

The TWB experience is just that; not a vacation, not a story to be heard, simply an experience one must discover for oneself. ďTWB: changing lives, 23 days at a timeĒ
-Dom Stone, Wilmington, NC

TWB is not just to find your beautiful country, but also to find yourself.
-Hunter Farmer, Rockwell, NC

You canít explain the TWB experience. You just have to live it for yourself.
-Scott Bruner, Laurinburg, NC

Live for every moment! Treat each day as if it was your last and count your blessings!
-Bryson Luffman, Mooresville, NC

Amazing memories, life-long friends, beautiful destinations, and the unforgettable journey in between! The TWB experience will always stay with us.
-Olivia Walker, Cherryville, NC

Itís an unbelievable and indescribable experience.
-Lauren Adams, Gastonia, NC

I canít wait to see how much better my normal life is after this life changing trip.
-Jamie Eddings, Gastonia, NC

TWB isnít something you can see from pictures or hear about in words. It is an experience that grips your heart and connects you to lifelong friends and Godís beautiful country. I have forever been changed by Teens Westward Bound!
-Greta Griswold, Laurinburg, NC

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but not even a thousand words can describe the TWB experience.
-Anna-Leigh Shuping, Salisbury, NC

Move it like Bernie!
-Brandon Adams, Mooresville, NC

The experiences TWB brings to each participant are experiences that will never be forgotten. The relationships built on this trip last a lifetime.
-Rachel Terrio, Gastonia, NC

Live life to the fullest and live for the moment.
-Joseph Clemmer, Gastonia, NC

This was the best trip/experience of my life!
-Reese Bolte, Columbia, SC

One wordÖamazing!
-Ross Taylor, Gastonia, NC

TWB is nothing that can be told in a story or captured in a photo. Itís something you can only truly understand through your own experience. Itís amazing, hilarious, and fabulous! I love TWBÖ you should too!
-Mackenzie Schmidt, Wilmington, NC

TWB was awesome!!!
-Chase Vernon, Stoneville, NC

TWB cannot be explained in words or pictures, but itís an experience of a lifetime that everyone should participate in! It has changed my life for the good and hopefully made me a better person.
-Hannah Bobbitt, Laurinburg, NC

TWB is a chance of a lifetime. You will never be able to express in words what TWB is like. TWB will ultimately change your life forever. TWB has taught me so many things and changed the person I am into a better one.
-Shelby Wellmon, Salisbury, NC

The trip of a lifetime! Unforgettable! Something always to remember!
-Rylee Johnson, Gastonia, NC

TWB is an experience of a lifetime. You get to travel around America with your new family and have moments you wonít have anywhere else.
-John Phifer, Monroe, NC

TWB is one of the greatest opportunities of my life. Itís an amazing experience and has taught me to live in the moment.
-Gabe Morey, Cherryville, NC

TWB is a chance of a lifetime, where you can meet other teens your age and become gangster friends with them.
-Elliot Abee, Charlotte, NC

TWB is an amazing experience where I made friends I know Iíll have forever, and saw our beautiful country in one of the best ways possible.
-Mackenzie Diamond, Fairfield, CT

This trip has let me develop into my true self. Iím blessed with the chance to see this beautiful country with 85 of my new, closest friends.
-Haley Chiluck, Mooresville, NC

Words cannot begin to describe the experiences TWB has given to me. Itís been an AMAZING trip as Iíve discovered how beautiful things are in our own backyard. On TWB, you will learn how to be responsible, how to build relationships, and who you really are. I learned who I really am in the world.
-Kelsey Carithers, Gastonia, NC

TWB canít be described. You just have to experience is yourself. It is something you will truly never forget.
-Courtney Dotherow, Inman, SC

TWB has changed my outlook on life. It has made me want to live for today and take advantage of every opportunity.
-Mackenzie Whalen, Gastonia, NC

TWB has certainly changed my life and opened my eyes to Godís beautiful creation of America and strengthened my views of true friendship.
-Hayden Waugh, Mooresville, NC

This trip has made me break out of my shell more and meet new people everyday, something Iím not used to doing. Itís made me see that sleeping outside and living out of a 13 x 30 duffle bag for 3 1/2 weeks is possible. This is one of the greatest experiences of my life, and for that Iím very grateful to my counselors and all my new friends.
-Nikki Tomaselli, Wilmington, NC

TWB is the greatest experience I have ever done. If I could, I would do it every year and take all my friends and family. I feel like everyone should have an opportunity to embark on this amazing journey across our beautiful country and see the things that very few get to experience.
-Connor Hawkins, Gastonia, NC

TWB will tear down every wall or barrier you had, introduce you to 80 great people, and allow you to live life to the fullestÖand youíll love it.
-Daniel Nelli, Gastonia, NC

Walt Disney or Whitmore (I forget) said that believing is seeing. But, the more Iíve seen on this trip, the more courage I gained to believe in myself, others and the beautiful world around me.
-Kacey Williams, Monroe, NC

TWB opened myself and taught me who I really am as a person. It also showed me how blessed I am and lucky, and how much I take for granted. This trip showed me the beauty in this country.
-Andrea Pratt, Mooresville, NC

TWB allows you to see great places and meet great people. It is an unforgettable experience and I am very thankful to be a part of it.
-Joe Sojka, Laurinburg, NC

Teens Westward Bound cannot be described simply as a cross country trip, It is an experience that educated participants on both responsibility and our great country. It is twenty-three days I will never forget.
-Mackenzie Huggins, Gastonia, NC

TWB taught me a lifetime of lessons gained from 23 days of experiences. I now know how to love and live life before Iím too or itís too late. Now I think of each day as a gift from God, and I have a whole new perspective on influence, leadership, and as I dread to use the word, even responsibility.
-Avery Ferebee, Wilmington, NC

Teens Westward Bound is a life changing experience that Iím so glad to have been a part of. Iíve made so many new friends and seen this beautiful country in an unforgettable way!
-Olivia Crowder, Gastonia, NC

Everyone on TWB goes through tough times throughout the trip, but it is those troubles that make our bonds stronger, our love grow, and make this trip a memorable one.
-Noah Bastug, Whiteville, NC

I think TWB was a great experience to meet new friends and see our beautiful country. For those 23 days, Iíve had the most fun of my life, and I will never regret going!
-Colton Fries, Salisbury, NC

Joy is momentary. The experience is for a lifetime.
-Caleb Femester, Bessemer City, NC

This has been the best experience of my life. This trip has made me realize how truly blessed I am. I have had the experience of a lifetime, and made friendships I will cherish forever.
-Halle Wells, Sanford, NC

The most awe-inspiring, amazing experience Iíve ever been on!
-Alston Roy, Tabor City, NC

TWB is more than a road trip around America. It is an indescribable experience that proves there are still good teenagers in todayís society. Iíve never formed such strong bonds so quickly. I love TWB!
-Lindsay Rayner, Wilmington, NC

The greatest experience of my life.
-Perrin Robinson, Mooresville, NC

TWB is a great adventure that makes you realize how friends can help you through hardships and allows you to appreciate the world you live in.
-Mariah Slaughter, Wilmington, NC

I officially have 80 new best friends. I canít imagine my life without them. I want to sleep in a sleeping bag forever! I love TWB!
-Cat Pittard, Oxford, NC

Teens Westward Bound is such a wonderful experience. I have made lifelong friends, enjoyed beautiful sights, and I have learned more about myself. I wish that everyone could experience this. I feel so blessed to have.
-Alyssa McKinnon, Greensboro, NC

TWB was the most amazing experience! I conquered things that I thought were unreachable for me! I would do it again in a heartbeat!
-Kendall Bush, Whiteville, NC

TWB was the best 23 days of my life.
-Emily Campbell, Cherryville, NC

It is simply awesome.
-Ryan Williams, Laurinburg, NC

TWB helped me break out of my shell. It has altered my way of thinking and the way I do things. I have made friends who I will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you TWB leaders, this was a once in a lifetime thing and Iím glad I got to be a part of it.
-Lindsey Purser, Salisbury, NC

-Emily Cole, Gastonia, NC

TWB is truly a once in a lifetime experience. The friendships Iíve made and the things Iíve seen will stay with me forever.
-Munroe Buie, Laurinburg, NC

Best 23 days of my life.
-Sara McWaters, Wilmington, NC

An adventure you will never forget!
-Sydney Wiggins, Statesville, NC

TWB has changed my outlook on many aspects of life and has taught me independence and responsibilities.
-Caroline Maier, Gastonia, NC

TWB has been the best experience of my life. You will never make friends like your TWB friends.
-Melissa OíBrien, Gastonia, NC

God made TWB for a reason, and I now know why!
Jonathan Lowe, Salisbury, NC

Teens Westward Bound was the experience of a lifetime. I wish I could do it all over again.
-Sarah Hicks, Laurinburg, NC

Nothing can explain how much this trip can change someone and let you learn who you are.
-Summer Curlee, Salisbury, NC

TWB is truly an amazing and life-changing experience. It forces you to lower your walls and be yourself.
-Freddie Wells, Gastonia, NC

An experience thatís un-regrettable, unforgettable, and relationships are formed that become unbreakable.
-Lorin Souther, Hickory, NC

TWB is a life changing experience for anyone whoís lucky enough to go. I wish I could go back every summer.
-Ryan Haines, Laurinburg, NC

TWB was such an amazing experience. The friendships I have formed will stay with me forever.
-Hannah Cox, Laurinburg, NC

TWB has changed my life. It has made me realize that I need to slow down and not worry about the little things.
-Alecia Slack, Mooresville, NC

TWB was the best experience of my life and Iíve enjoyed every second of it.
-Kaylan Ganus, Laurinburg, NC

TWB is an experience I will remember foreverÖeach dayís journey will never be forgotten.
-Carter Spencer, Charlotte, NC

It was amazing! I met a lot of great people and saw unbelievable places.
-Zach Hatley, Gastonia, NC

TWB as a personal experience is an exploration of not only the United States, but of your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, and traits of yourself that youíve never realized before. Itís all about self-discovery--- and group showers.
-Mitchell Sayasene, Gastonia, NC

TWB is the best thing Iíve ever experienced and everyone else should too.
-Alicia Hickman, Sanford, NC

A journey across America where you find yourself along with amazing people and great places to share.
-Diane Dotson, Mooresville, NC

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After the Trip

We had another great year out west. Time to start getting ready for next year...

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