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As an educator and counselor Dennis Deaton, has spent most of his life influencing the lives of young people. Full of energy and enthusiasm, he has the experience and sensitivity to bring to the trip first-hand-knowledge of the many mental and physical needs of young people. He received an undergraduate degree from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a master's degree in secondary education and counseling from Winthrop College, Mr. Deaton has directed numerous tours of the Western United States, New England States, and the Bahamas since 1975. He is married and the father of three sons.
Mr. Grant Deaton, a Marketing Teacher for the Mooresville Graded School District, has been involved with the Teens Westward Bound program all his life in some way or form. He has been traveling with the TWB summer program since 1996, his first year as a participant. He took the leadership role in 2001, when he was selected as a counselor. Since 2001 Grant has directed one of the TWB excursions across America every summer and has assumed the reponsibilities of the Program Director. Since 2003 he has coordinated and directed the after Christmas Bahama Rama Experience. Grant is a graduate of Western Carolina University with a degree in Computer Information Systems and completed his teaching certification at North Carolina State University. He is married and has a son.
Counselors are college graduates (usually past participants or teachers) who have been selected by the following guidelines:
  • Ability to counsel and form interpersonal relationships with young people.
  • Experience associated with young people and leadership.
  • Moral standards and beliefs.

The ratio of staff to participants is 1 to 12.


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