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Hey Guys!!!

The TWB Fun Team has continuously been developing the 2023 TWB Presentation using the wild and crazy pictures of last summer's TWB experience. I sure hope that the 2023 TWB experience will be as great last year's (and the past 45 years too). It is always great to see all of the past TWB participants at the presentations. It is also great to see the large numbers of past participant at Mallard Creek Community Center when we leave and return! We love it when past participants show up like they did last year!!! It really made the nervous new participants feel great to have such a great send off.

If you are a Teens Westward Bound participant and would like to recommend someone for TWB 2023 please click on the RECOMMENDATIONS link on the homepage. The password to get into the “Recommendation” section is our favorite TWB campfire song that we always sing last. If you have forgotten the favorite TWB song please e-mail Grant ( and he will be glad to share it with you. Any past participant (ever) of TWB is allowed to recommend for TWB 2023. Make sure that you complete the form completely and hit submit only once after you have put in all of your recommendations. You can recommend as many as you would like. The selection committee feels that the more recommendations and applications that they receive make the quality of the TWB experience greater. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THEM!!

Just reminders to everyone that TWB is one big family so please stay in touch with your TWB brothers and sisters. The Teens Westward Bound experience may fade but the friendships will last as long as you let them. Gotta run for now, stay in touch!!!

Hugs and High Fives,


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