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Recommendations for this coming summer's program are being accepted presently. Thanks past participants for the overwhelming response! Please feel free to submit as many recommendations for the Teens Westward Bound program using the following guidelines...

To make recommendations for future trips you must meet two requirements:

1- You must be a past participant of Teens Westward Bound.

2- You must remember the name of the Favorite TWB Campfire Song (hint: last song of every sing-a-long).

If you meet these requirements, you may enter below to continue with recommendations.

Click here to enter password

If you have forgotten the password please click here to email Grant.


If you have many recommendations and you need help organizing your information please print the recommendation form and complete the information as detailed. Then use the form as a reference and go to the Recommendation Section to type in your recommendations. Thanks for being such a great advocate of the Teens Westward Bound Program!!!!

Click here to download the recommendation form.





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